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I am looking for a private tutor for my two daughters to help them with Spanish and English. They are 12 and 14. Would suit someone in the Mazarron area.


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Are you after one tutor to teach both?

julieann-467981 1250694739

I had just assumed they could both sit down with a tutor and be taught together as they have very little Spanish and are both struggling.

Now that you have made me think about it, I can see that the English aspects would need to be taught seperately as they are two years apart but they are both equally struggling with Spanish.

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I can help you with the English aspect and they could be taught together. I am fully qualified teacher and live near campasol.

Don't know if that helps?

julieann-467981 1250760653

Thank you for the guidance and emails as well as responses on here, any further help always appreciated. I will have a talk with my husband and of course my daughters and see what we want to do.

Thanks again.

julieann-467981 1252242855

Thank you for all the comments and private messages. We have now got sorted out.

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Hi. I'm a qualified teacher (English + a dyslexia specialist) and used to do private tuition when I lived in the UK. I'm also reasonably fluent in Spanish and could help with very basic Spanish.

if that's of interest, let me know.


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