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Hi, we are beginning to think very seriously about moving to Murcia from the UK.  I have 2 sons aged 15(year 10) and 12(year 7). Can anyone recommend a good English speaking school in the area?  And more importantly let me know how much school feare an be? thanks in advance. caroline 


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Hello Caroline, firstly you are definitely not going to like what I have to say. 6 years ago my then wife of 16 years (note then!) and I moved to our house in Camposol, lock stock and barrel. In our urbanisation were about 10 other families who had done the same. Our 2 children were Christopher aged 13 and Chantelle aged about 7.  You may be in a different position to us as you are talking about an english school, obviously private, fees by the way are around £2000 a term plus many extras (Kings College next to La Torre golf resrt is very good. Anyway to say our kids first day at school was traumatic for us all would be an understatement, whilst Chantelle was at least put in a class with other english children Christopher was not so lucky. Firstly whilst most of the teachers at the state schools can speak some english as they have listened to our records for all their lives, they flatly refuse to speak in english, even to english kids in distress. I will never forget my sons face as we left him in school on the first day, my wife and I both came out of the school crying. Things never did get any better, for the whole of the 18 months that Christopher went to the school he was totally ignored by all the teaching staff, being told daily to sit at the back of the class and listen to your i pod until scool finishes.  Until you live there you can not understand how much the Spanish people hate and despise the English, they are OK with retired people as they pose no theat but to them every other english person of working age is after their jobs. Next brings me to beaurocracy, it is quite unbelievable the paperwork required for every little thing, even painting your house or laying a garden path needs their equivalent of planning permission which of course you have to pay for, in fact,every possible way the Spanish government can find to relieve you of cash they will have already thought of. The UK government in comparison are pussycats and if you think we have it hard in the UK just wait until you get to Spain, they rob you blind at every turn. I was lucky in that I had a job but my wife and I still left Spain without the £60,000 in cash that we went with only 18 months before, my wife by the way hardly ever went out so please don't think we squandered this huge amount because we didn't,  I can assure you, it just goes, I used to say it is like your bank account having a hole at the bottom with your money flowing into the sand.

Of the 10 families that arrived around the same time as us, 8 had to return to the UK because of financial problems and out of the 8 couples, 5 divorced within the following year, me included. The stress of living in Spain was just too much for most couples and this took its toll on even the strongest marriages. I am sorry but I could go on with tales of horror all night, maybe you are wealthy and can afford 8 or £9000 per year each to educate your kids and if you are good luck to you. If not, I would think very carefully about a move to Spain, forget all the nonsense about how fantastic it is, sunny yes, but unless you have pots of cash, forget it. Sorry, I told you you wouldn't like it. What ever you decide, good luck,  kindest regards, Keith Williams.

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Thanks for your reply Keith.  Sorry to hear you haven't had such a good time.  I think my circumstances are a little different.  We have no plans on buying a house and my husband works from home as a translator for clients in France.  We have both lived abroad in many different countries- so understand some of the tedium in dealing with authorities. We will probably only have one of our kids at school in Spain - and probably an international school (the other four either won't move with us or are grown up and left home).  And as for divorce...I'm on husband number 3 and things seem to going pretty well! Your warnings are heeded however! I hope life is treating you better now :-) 


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Hello there,I would like to give important information to you, could you please ring me on 07545209622 (english mobile) or txt me and i'll ring you, regards, John.

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Hi Caroline, 


I don't know if you are still looking for information but I can provide some for you although both of our children are in Spanish state school. We live in a little village called Santiago De La Ribera on the mar Menor in the Murcia region. I know of 3 international schools in the Murcia region, which are as follows:

1) Castellar College in San pedro del Pinatar. Just down the road from me, this is a smallish school which has recently been taken under new ownership due to some issues with the last owners. This is the website:

2) El Limonar International School. There are several schools as part of the network of El Limonar and if both of your children are secondary school, they would attend the one in El Palmar. Not sure of costs, website is:

3) King's College British School of Murcia. This is the one homeinspain mentions in his reply, but I cannot comment on how good or bad this school (or any of the other 2 above) actually are. It is close to Torre Pacheco and the website is:


I'm not sure of any other British schools on the eastern side of Murcia, and indeed there may be some over the other side further inland that i have not heard about. Anyway, hope this information is of some use to you!



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That's great info Karen, thanks.  We will be in Murcia next week - and I hadn't heard of the first school, so hopefully we can add that to the list to have a look at!

Best wishes


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Glad i could be of some assistance, good luck with your search next week! :)

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