Spanish authorities to tackle domestic violence

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British Consul welcomes work by Spanish authorities to tackle domestic violence The British Consul Paul Rodwell has welcomed the work being carried out by Spanish authorities to tackle domestic violence, at an event to highlight concern about the issue. At a meeting with the Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente in Orihuela Costa last Thursday, the Consul said he was also pleased to hear of magnificent work done by associations such as that achieved by the Neighbourhood Watch group led by Chris Poole in terms of improving security and reducing crime by working with police forces. The Consul took part in an event to show solidarity with victims of domestic violence and to raise awareness around this issue. Paul Rodwell said "A significant percentage of the arrests we are informed about in the Consulate are related to domestic violence and we are very pleased to see the work that is being carried out by the Spanish authorities in this area. We are working closely with the Diputación and the Subdelegación of the central government in Alicante as well as town halls to find a way of helping the British victims of domestic violence by ensuring they are aware of the resources available to them." The Consul thanked the Diputación de Alicante for translating their Information Guide on Welfare Rights for Victims of Gender-based Violence into English, which will enable a large number of English speakers to find out what support they can get. This can be downloaded from the Diputación website He explained that the Consulate wants to avoid duplicating support that already exists here in Spain. 'What we really want is for British nationals to be able to access the huge amount of support that already exists", said Mr Rodwell. "The first step we want any victim to take is to contact the police, as they are the ones who can ensure their safety. We also want English speakers to be able to get the same additional support that Spanish speakers can currently access. For example, a lot of people don't know that they can call the Victims' Helpline on 016 and speak to someone in English, or read the new English language version of the guide for victims of domestic violence that has just been translated." The Consulate is also working with local volunteers, including Shana and Diana who helped to organise the event, to see what more practical help can be offered.


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