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A letter below that we have received from a gentleman thanking us for looking after his partner, this is self-explanatory. We have been privileged to help and be-friend the family & Elva since June, and she was so brave, and what an inspiration to all who knew her. This highlights the valuable work we do in the community, and may encourage other people to ask for help when needed. Lesley Eburne Founder Help at Home Dear Lesley Re: Elva Fincham I would like to express on behalf of the whole family our sincerest, heartfelt thanks for the support, care, compassion and friendship the Help at Home Team afforded Elva during her struggle and ultimate passing away due to cancer recently. Though Elva was a brave, positive tower of strength throughout the illness, you gave her invaluable support when she needed it most, both in her home and eventually in hospital in Cartagena. We would particularly like to thank Lesley, Paul, Mary, Lynda, Brenda, Audrey, Evelyn, Meg and Sue for all their support. Serious illness and death is never easy to cope with, especially away from your native homeland. Through the excellent work carried out by you and your team, Elva and her family were able to continue to keep going and ultimately face the end of her life, safe in the knowledge that your friendship, help, advice, and support were never far away. Love to you all Steve Sutcliffe


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