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Hi, second question:  we are beginning to think very seriously about moving to Murcia from the UK.  I am a university lecturer (international relations) but I would like to spend more time making and teaching art. What is the art scene like in murcia and surrounding areas?  Is there an arts district?  Would people be interested in classes, or is that already over catered for? any advice very welcome. caroline


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Although you just might get some business for the British here I have my doubts and as for the Spanish, well Murica is one of the worse regions for unemployment in Spain. Food and electricity prices continue to rises with many people unable to meet household bills and other essentials. The town in which we live has an internationally renowned Artist in residence and a large  art galley showing his work. However for the vast majority art classes are the last thing on their minds in the ongoing crisis. Things maybe differnt down by the coast but i do not get that impression. Of course Murcia does have a Uni, how is you Spanish?

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Thanks for your thoughts - would love to know who the artist is who works in your town, and will pay a visit to the gallery if you tell me know where.

My Spanish is very rusty, but one major aim will be to speak fluently - so it would be clases de arte en ingles for now.

Flying to Murcia for our first visit this afternoon.  Very much looking forward to it.

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for your Info the town,_Murcia

the artistón-pedro-cano-in-blanca_13101-a.html


do let me know if you plan on being "in town"

regards mary



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Great thanks. We were going to visit today, but see it's closed on Tuesdays. Might find our way to Blanca on Thursday.


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hi Thursday is market day so good day to visit, though parking is tight in middle of town. I love a lot of Canos work   well worth seeing.  traditional restaurant/bar in middle of market is not bad at all, very good on price too. Local estate agent has properties to let also. We have bought through them a couple of times now and had excellent service. Good luck.

Restaurante los Murcianos

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whoops did that on my husbands sign in but it is marymary here

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