Who are ´Making A Difference´ ?

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In case readers not sure of ´Making A Difference - GOmaD or MAD´ we are a Christian Humanitarian Aid Charity based in Mazarron, Murcia. We help ANYONE within our Community who Needs it! We currently have 785 Adults/Children Registered & growing! We give Food, Clothes, Furniture & will Help with other Every Day Needs!. We also collaborate closely with Local Social Services & other Organisations related to our Cause. We have many Families who are struggling to make ends meet & with the Help of Two Spanish Volunteering Mothers have set up a New Project for the collection of School Books & Material. PLEASE Help us to allow Children to attend school with dignity. If you are interested to Help with this Project, or want to know more then please call me direct or message me ... Many Thanks .. Amanda


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From the 785 registered how many are English please?

Making A Difference 1345486729

A small precentage .. There are many proud amongst us, including the Spanish. We can of course only Help those we are made aware of, those who come direct or via another source. Amanda ...

sugerbabe 1345494531

I was talking actual numbers not percentages unless its a secret?

Making A Difference 1345500153

No secret - no names given - I believe only 3 permanent .. with a few extra receiving food at their request .. Many Brits have already returned to UK BUT we at GomaD know that more are going to find themselves in a similar situation - the Crisis is not going anywhere fast !

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