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Last year by chance we hit on the sardine festival in Bolnuevo just outside Mazarron. Can anyone tell me when its due, I am sure its towards the end of October. Many thanks

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In case anyone is looking for something to do this evening, inspite of the damp weather! There will be a Noche de la Luz, a show of lights, music and street theatre in Alhama de Murcia as part of their Fiesta fortnight. It starts at 9pm. Further info on the Whats On.

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I haven´t seen anything advertised in this area for young mums and I just wondered if a group of this sort would be viable here?

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My dad has been told to introduce flaxseed into is diet to help with his blood cholesterol. Does anyone know the Spanish for Flaxseed and would be interested to know if anyone else had heard that it can help?

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Hello there, Can someone tell me where I can find children's audio books? He recently started school and is doing brilliantly in Spanish, but I would like to encourage him to develop his English. Thanks

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I have been reading about the quiet Christmas time here in Spain, what do I do with the children with no father christmas? Does he appear in the department stores over here like in the UK? Any suggestions....

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I have heard somewhere that there is am after school homework club in the Mazarron area. Does anyone know anything about this it would be fantastic if it where not just a rumour?

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Can anyone tell me when the spanish children are back in school their summer seems to go on forever. I want my peace and quiet back

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Can anyone fill me in on this park, if it is a theme park? I have heard snippets about it and would like to take the grandchildren.

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Can anyone tell me how easy it is to book a place on the ferry at this time of year?? I wanted to take the grandchildren for a little trip but its too hot to wait around for hours trying to get on the ferry.

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This morning I had the pleasure of taking breakfast down on the port of Mazarron. There was plenty of activities for everyone, I was attracted to the loud music to find a keep fit class happening on the beach. 85 degrees and the Spanish are doing keep fit. Worth trying to find a parking space to experience how the Spanish spend their summer holidays.

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How do we get around this one, we keep being told to cover up the children from the sun, obviously. But then we are told not to let them go in the pool with suncream on. Kids are in and out like yoyos at this time of year, its proving a nightmare and a milky pool seems unavoidable to me. Anyone any ideas?

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