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The Race for Life takes place this year on Sunday 15th November at 11:00 in Los Alcazares. Further information including where to pick up sponsorship forms can be found in our What's On guide here: What's On: Los Alcázares

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Is it possible to get interactive games for kids to help them learn, like the kind of stuff Leapfrog does only in Spanish? http://microsite.leapfrog.com/toys_uk/index.html

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy Lego Duplo please? I'm starting my christmas shopping early.

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Just read this on another forum.... http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/news/article.html?in_article_id=491779&in_page_id=2

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Can anyone please tell me where I could buy a large trampoline with safety surround? Looking for at least 10ft.

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Uswitch.com have carried out a survey published today that makes very interesting reading. http://www.uswitch.com/press-room/ read the article dated 12/10/09 entitled "UK Enjoys highest net income..."

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Hello we have just moved to isla plana with our two kids (1 and 3) can anyone suggest a good nursery for our 3 year old for a couple of days a week just for socialising really and any other or clubs or activites in the area suggestions would be great. thanks all tom

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Can anyone recommend a good nanny/au pair service anywhere in the Murcia region?

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I am looking for a private tutor for my two daughters to help them with Spanish and English. They are 12 and 14. Would suit someone in the Mazarron area.

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Please note that the next ADAPT Group General Meeting will take place this Saturday 5th September at the new earlier time of 10:00 at the Casino Restaurant in San Pedro del Pinatar. Further details can be found in our What's On guide by following this link What's On: San Pedro del Pinatar

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Hi new to this site. Just wondering is there any football clubs for u14 near La Torre Golf Resort. My son loves to play. It would be great to know for when we come over for 6 weeks next summer. Thanks Colm

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Hi, I am in my 50’s and live just outside Lorca. I am looking for female company and friendship. I live alone and have mainly Spanish friends but would like to meet an English lady.

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Help!! We are in need of English children for my two boys aged 5 and 3 years to play with. Summer holidays are still with us and we are aware that because we live in a remote area of Totana, they are not meeting many children outside of school. Is there anyone out there with children who would like to meet up with us (myself and husband) for a drink to let the children play. (We live 20 mins from campasol.) If not, does anyone have any ideas where I can take them? Thank you.

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Are there any aquariums I can take the kids to in the Murcia region? Don't mind where, just looking for something different to keep them busy.

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we would like to enroll our children at Roldan school has any one got a contact number ?

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Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to change the date for the MABS Murcia Race for Life in Los Aclázares to Sunday 15 November.

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Has anyone here been to the Ceutimagina in Murcia? I'm thinking of taking the kids along for something different to do.

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Los Almagros Cultural Centre tomorrow 18th July from 17:00 to 22:00. All the usual fun of the fair, face painting, hand made ceramics, hoopla, tin can alley and bric a brac. Bow and Arrow game and tea and cakes. Head out to Los Canovas and you will see signs for Los Almagros just off the route through to Fuente Alamo.

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Access for All have now moved their meetings to the Thalasia Hotel in San Pedro del Pinatar, the next meeting is on Tuesday 28th July 2009 at 11:00. The Access for All project are improving access for the disabled, elderly and families through persuading local councils and businesses to redesign crossings, footways, parking facilities and building entrances. Volunteers are needed to collate all the information to make it informative and effective.

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Just to clarify some info given in another posting. The Bono Libro is a sort of book token worth 100€ provided by the Murcia regional govt to children going into Primary 1,2,3 and 4 this year and I think Secondary 1 and 2 ( though someone else might be able to confirm this). Presumably other Communidades have something similar. There's a very simple form to fill in. Closing date- end of term. You redeem the voucher in the school if you buy the books there or look out for the places which accept it. Pretty much everywhere. There's also a grant available for the years not covered by the Bono Libro. The school should inform. It's a longer form to fill in and the child needs a bank account in their own name into which the money is paid. This isn't available for everyone. There are some criteria which decide who gets it. No idea what they are. As for child benefit, it doesn't exist in the form we know it. You can apply for what's called a loan. It depends, I think, on being a low earner - less than 10 000€ per annum. I'm not sure what you do if you don't earn anything. We applied (with some difficulty and I speak good Spanish!) and have received one payment of approx 300€ for 6 months for 2 kids. Hopefully we'll get 2nd equal payment mid-July and then at some point I'll have to go and prove my low earnings status again before the next payment. I believe there have been changes, improvements recently to benefits which autonomos can receive. For example, I think the maternity cover has been doubled from 300 € to 600€. Maybe not what we're used to but an beggars can't be choosers, so to speak!!!

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