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I am trying to contact Laura Machin, I have a document of her's la esperanza

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Hi all My sister, who lives in the UK, is collecting My Little Pony from around the world for her daughter. Does anyone know where the best place would be to get a Spanish one? Not sure if they are still sold in the shops.

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For anyone interested in somewhere to take the kids during the festive season, there's an ice rink at Espacio Mediterraneo, Cartagena. We took ours there last night when we were doing Christmas shopping and they loved it.

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The procession on Sunday will now be taking place through the centre of town at 5pm, not in the morning, not a 4pm as previously mentioned but 5pm. Wrap up warm.

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Has anyone else read this article in the Round Town news? Some of the "don'ts" I can agree with but why on earth would you prevent children building sandcastles? I used to spend hours with my kids when they were young building castles and knocking them down again, they loved it. What do others think?

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For all those interested there is a selection of events at the Los Narejos festival which is held every year to honour the Purisima Concepcion, all welcome. For details, see our What's On http://costacalida.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhere.asp?city=177

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Can you get advent calendars over here?

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MABS The Cancer Charity Organisation are holding their Xmas Fair at Marianos Camposol Mazarron, this Sat 29th Nov,. at 2pm. hope it is well attended.

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Over the years when we have holidayed in different countries, we've always taken the kids to a local bird or reptile park as they have a huge interest in that sort of thing. Are there any in this region and do they open all year?

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Can you buy real Christmas trees here? If so, where is the best place to get them?

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Hi all I've just arrived in Los Belones with the wife and 2 kids and we've heard that the Spanish don't celebrate Christmas like we do. So, what do they do? We're very much people who like to join in local tradition and would like to do all we can to have a proper Spanish Christmas and New Year. Cheers

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I was reading the BBC news online at the weekend and it was just full of terrible stories of stabbings, shootings, attacks etc. I know it happens all over the place but it just seems to be getting so bad in England that you can't help but worry about family and friends over there.

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Sorry to be the one to bring this up but the kids have been going on for days. What are the best places to buy Christmas decorations at a reasonable price over here and will I be able to get a tree?

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I know we're in Spain and it's not traditional here but does anyone know of any organised fireworks displays for 5th November?

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I read somewhere that it's All Saints Day on the 1st November which is an official public holiday. How would one go about taking part in the celebrations?

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Small deposits are now being taken to secure a place at these classes starting in January. Further details can be found in our What´s On http://costacalida.angloinfo.com/information/whatsontoday.asp?date=1%2F13%2F2009

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Are there any events on for Halloween around the Mazarron area? The kids are staying with friends overnight so my husband and I thought we should spoil ourselves and go do something.

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The grankids are over on the 30th any suggestions to help entertain them would be appreciated. They are 3 and 8. Fingers crossed the weather holds

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My husband and I are thinking of moving to somewhere in the Murcia region but not sure where yet. Can anyone recommend a particularly family friendly town with a good school? Our daughter is 4 and I think an International school would be best.

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