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There is a full programme of events already underway as part of these celebrations, more details can be found in our What's On http://costacalida.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhere.asp?city=57

started by: DavyR · last update: 1222945989 · posted: 1222875910

Can anyone tell me if there is a public library in Los Alcazares?

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1222717941 · posted: 1222599702

Has anyone taken their children along to this science exhibition centre? We live along way from Ceuti so I would like to make sure its worth the drive before we make the treck.

started by: jayb08 · last update: 1221915322 · posted: 1221904511

It seems to me that many people think more of Dogs than they do of children. Children should be the first consideration not dogs when refering to dogs on beach.

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1221237752 · posted: 1221062894

Can anyone recommend somewhere I could have a photograph of my childen enlarged and perhaps put onto canvas? Mazarron area. Thank you

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1220452578 · posted: 1220384718

Ladies, for the first time in along time I have felt under the weather. Try it, I have just had a lovely chilli made by my other half who maintains he is no good in the kitchen. I should do this more often.

started by: hector-463002 · last update: 1220438893 · posted: 1220383368

Has anyone been along to this festival in previous years? I am really looking forward to it this year. I am sure it will be a fantastic week, but is there a particular day that is better than others?

started by: wayne-463056 · last update: 1220382607 · posted: 1220382314

I am delighted to see that there is going to be a Poetry group meeting regularly at the Civic Centre in Parque Almansa in San Javier. 17th September at 10am. Just thought othere literary folk may be interested.

started by: Toby-463674 · last update: 1220377174 · posted: 1220304161

Hi Please can someone tell me when the children go back to school, iam not sure. Many thanks

started by: missie-463053 · last update: 1219931427 · posted: 1218792951

Can anyone tell me where I could purchase child safety locks for kitchen cupboards?

started by: tinderbox-463058 · last update: 1219714960 · posted: 1219412166

I want to send something to a friend who is working in the States. Too late for a pressie but I wondered if there is a website that I could sort our an unusual card or jingle for her, something a bit different. Does anyone know of a site our there?

started by: dicdandoo-463925 · last update: 1219321053 · posted: 1219321053

My son as been at El Pareton School, Nr Camposol, now for 4 years, each year we buy new school books, but don't know what to do with the previous years, if anyone has a use for them please let me know, we have a full set of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Eso (Secondary level).

started by: missie-463053 · last update: 1219060072 · posted: 1218806495

I forgot to mention I also need some socket covers to stop little fingers getting in, same as the cupboard locks really. Where could I find this sort of thing?

started by: milliemoo-463663 · last update: 1218732328 · posted: 1218729282

My nephew is visiting and wants to go in the pool, he has three stitches in his toe can I let him? What if I put clingfilm over it and a sock. Or does anyone know where I could buy a pair of those plastic rubbery type socks you get in the swimming pools in the UK?

started by: milliemoo-463663 · last update: 1218535898 · posted: 1218459170

I am looking for a good selection of inflatable toys for when some friends visit at the end of the month. We are near Santiago del Ribera area.

started by: pinnington · last update: 1218450634 · posted: 1218449825

Anyone looking for something to do with the kids living near Los Alcazares could take them down to Cruz Roja Beach and Espejo Beach between 11 and 1 they are running free activities for them.

started by: Freda2462 · last update: 1218396584 · posted: 1218280276

We have the grandchildren over for the summer and will be giving them a special day at the beach soon, lots of family and friends joining us. I am looking for someone to video the event properly, none of this drunken stuff the hubbies do. Does anyone know of a company that could help me?

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1217847128 · posted: 1217590583

Has anyone tried to open a bank account for their children over here? I wondered how easy it would be and what documentation I would need.

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1216914888 · posted: 1216914045

Give the boys (and girls) a treat, on Camposol B Commercial sector there are two Harley Davidson Bikes, available for short rides for children at 5 euros a time, all the gear available on these beautiful machines, and includes a photo too. why not take a look, also hired for adults too. you can tel Merv 676333369 for more details. or call at above daily Mon to Sat. Great fun Great bikes.....

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1216913948 · posted: 1216913948

How bizarre, I go to do my weekly shop and as I leave the store I am looking at a camel and an elephant. It could only happen here in Spain.

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