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Do they run all day? and where do they go from and to?

started by: weelynn · last update: 1215518553 · posted: 1215435530

I heard something about a wildlife park that's close to Murcia, does anyone have any info on it? It'd be a great place to entertain the kids for the day.

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1215464339 · posted: 1214987717

Last year there seemed to be plenty of activity on tbe main beach in Mazarron. There isn't anything posted on the Whats On, does anyone know if its started yet and what the programme is?

started by: Shepherd-463678 · last update: 1214944625 · posted: 1213100700

Friends of ours are relocating out to Murcia and have asked me about schools, unfortunately/fortunately we don't have any school age children. Their two are both girls and aged 8 and 13. I have found the list of International schools on here and there are five listed: Castelar College, El Limonar International School, Kings College Murcia, Secondary Education College Las Salinas and Shoreless Lake School. Does anyone have their kids at any of these schools and can they recommend them.

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This weekend we took the children down to the beach, I think we often forget in this heat and tend to stay around our houses to keep cool. I just wanted to say its really worth the effort. We didnt go down until around 7 in the evening, great atmosphere, still plenty of Spanish around, a real buzz about the place. We will make it a regular event over the summer, but not till late in the day. They had pedaloes too with a slide off the back, great fun.

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Is it OK to take a BBQ down to the beach? I cant say I have ever seen anyone doing a barbie on the beach at Mazarron port, but that doesnt mean to say its not allowed or is it?.

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I wish we lived closed to Los Alcázares, I believe that there is a scheme under way for all young people between the ages of 14 and 30 which will allow easy access for all the cultural events, sports and recreational facilities. It would be great if other youth councils did the same.

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I'd like to buy my son a new game for his birthday next month, does anyone know anywhere that sells xbox games?

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This week both myself and my daughter have been very badly bitten, we dont hear anything, we dont see anything, also the bite looks like a three in one attempt and they are very painful. Added to this the area around the bite swells, is very hard to the touch and inflamed. Has anyone else experienced anything like this recently? If we go on like this over the summer its not going be very pleasant.

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Does anyone know when the water park will be re-opening for the summer?

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Hi, Does anyone know where I could buy, borrow or rent a baby walker. My grandaughter is visiting 30th May , until the 4th June....she is not walking yet, but too heavy to carry round !!!! mm

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I am dreading the very long summer months ahead with the children off school. Any ideas, apart from ship them back to the UK to the grandparents!

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The (Spanish Culture) Adult Summer School is expected to start the first week of July. The day has yet to be finalised but it will definately be between 10.00 - 12.00 in the morning. There will be a Spanish and English teacher and the classes will cover the history and geography of the Murcia region. A look at Spanish music and its history, folklore, traditions and superstitions. Also there will be nature walks and visits. It sounds like a real interesting mix of subjects. Once I get more info I will post it here. Or if you are interested now then you could telephone George on 664 150 222 to pay a deposit and book a place.

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1210669959 · posted: 1210669959

Cañadas del Romero have decided to run a summer school through the holidays for the children at the Centro Polivalente. Details need to be finalised but so far I know that the classes will run for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday between 4 and 6pm. The teacher is a qualified Spanish lady who speaks English and the aim is to assist English children with their learning of Spanish. As I get more info I will post it here. You can ring Ron on 660 383 778 to reserve a place.

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I dont want to look silly by asking at my daughters school but I wondered if we as British residents also qualify for assistance with purchasing school books? Has anyone else applied for this?

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Hi there My husband and I are moving to the Murcia region in May this year and we were wondering if there is a Royal British Legion branch in the area.

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I have been looking for nappy sacks everywhere and they do not seem to sell them in any of the supermarkets, has anyone else tried to buy them?

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I hope its not too late to tell the ladies but the Coffee Pot (or is it the tea pot?) down in the port, next to Mercadonas, is holding a perfume sale through until 7pm tonight. All the expensive makes but at excellent prices. LÓreal, Clarins etc.

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My daughter is 6 in may and fancied doing something different for her birthday. We live in the mazarron area and wondered if anyone has any ideas!

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Can anyone tell me what this feast day is about please?

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