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Can anyone recommend anywhere close to Cartagena that run courses, I need some discipline with my learning now. Its the nearest big town to me.

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Just a reminder that its the open day on Wednesday 9th April between 10 and 2 and 5 and 8 over in Canadas at the Centrol Polivalente. Whats On lists everything thats running for the next term.

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I thought that all the entertainment had finished for Easter and to my great surprise I was down at the port yesterday and there is still plenty going on. I should really look at the Whats On section more! There are stalls along the front at the opposite end to the marina. The stall holders are dressed in peasant clothes, there are food stalls, jewellery, places to sit and eat. It was a lovely family atmoshphere I would recommend giving it a visit.

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Can anyone tell me anything about this group?

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Can anyone come up with any ideas as to what we can do with the kids after school? If they are not into brownies here there doesn´t seem much to do for our girls.

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I friend of mine has a couple of young teenage sons who have absolutely nothing to do after school. They just hand around the streets as they would back in the UK. Surely we should be able to offer them something better out here! Any comments??

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I have just been talking with a chap who said that Mazarron beach is often frequented by rodents Personally I have never seen any and until I do see them for myself I dont believe it. Anyone else seen them?

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I thought I would let everyone know that there will be ceramic painting Easter Saturday on the beach opposite bar Alaska in Los Alcazares. Its from 10am to 4pm and the cost is €5 per item. Its for the charity HELP Murcia Mar Menor.

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I believe there is going to be a fair in Mazarron or in the port over the Easter is that right?

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Does anyone have any information on this ladies group please?

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Has anyone out there come across moulds to make easter eggs? I used to make them every year in the UK for the grandchildren and didnt bring the moulds with me. Any ideas where I could find them?

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Need to source a supply sma baby formula, for a visitor, does anyone know where we can get some? thank you.

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Could anyone tell me where my children can post there santa letters, we used to post them at the local super market and get a reply back in UK. Anything like that here?

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Today I was in Mazarron centre at the market and they have a large tent near the health center where they are hosting local arts, crafts and local produce. Tomorrow there will be tapas between 12 and 2 at the Canadas del Romero stall. Served by the mayor of Canadas Jose Antonio Imbernon! Plenty going on until Tuesday I believe.

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I met up with the couple who help run the Canadas del Romero Social Center and they said on Monday between 5 and 8pm there will be local produce to sample then on Tuesday a local history display same time 5 till 8 in the tent in the centre of town. Also every day there will be tapas served bwtween 12 and 2.

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Can anyone out there recommend a good book or web site with names and their meanings please. Cheers

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I have just read that Cartagena will be getting a huge ice rink for over the Christmas period! I am delighted I believe it will be on plot in Las Siervas wherever that is? Does anyone know if they had one last year?

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Do they have a special night for turning on the lights in the big towns like they do in the UK?? I would like to take the children along to get them in the Christmas spirit. Añlso do they have a father christmas in the department stores?

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I was most upset to hear this weekend that a young British mum is avoiding sending her children on the school bus in the mornings and doing the school run herself to avoid them having to listen to the foul mouths of the British children on board. The lady that accompanys the bus is Spanish so doesn´t understand their bad language so the children think its really clever and funny. I suggested she either approaches the school direct about it or talks with other mothers whilst waiting for the bus. It seems such a shame, does anyone else have any ideas how she could get around this problem?

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A friend of mine has asked me to check for her how long does she have too register the birth of her little boy? Cheers

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