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Hi everyone, My partner and I recently bought a property on Camposol which we intend to move into over the next year or so, at present we're still resident in the UK. Although the house is furnished my partner would like to bring quite a few bits of furniture across and has already started buying other stuff because 'It'll look nice in the villa' Additionally there's a few jobs I want to do and feel it'd be easier to buy the materials in the UK where I understand the lingo and get trade rates. So my question is ' Am I allowed to simply load up my van and drive over or am I likely to hit problems at customs' all the stuff is up and above board with tax vat etc all paid in the uk although much of the stuff is quite old so we don't have receipts. Was going to come via eurotunnel so suppose I'll have to pass through both French and Spanish customs. Grateful for any advice. Kev


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Shouldn't be any problem, and it's a good

Idea to bring your own possessions as it makes you feel at home quicker


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Thanks for the reply, think I'll risk it anyway.

Seems quite aloy of contradictions on the net.

Official EU websites seem to guarantee the free movement of 'community goods ' within the EU so no problems, but there are a few websites which suggest only things you've owned for more than six months are allowed and others that suggest submitting an inventory to the Spanish consulate for stamping.

Some also suggest different rules on whether your residents or non residents.

So hopefully I'll get through OK

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