Cancelling Spanish Residency

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Hi, My family are moving back to the UK and will only visit their home here in Spain for holidays. They wish to 'give-up' their 'Spanish Residency' and re-register in the UK.    What forms do they need 'fill-in' for the Spanish autorities ?   Any guidance appreciated



Dear Sir:

                    As far as we know there is no specific form for that. Maybe you can use the EX-13 altough in my opinion this is a form for non european residents with residence in Spain suspending or temporaly staying out of the country. 


                   A different situation is the one in relation with your taxes. If you have been filing your resident tax every year you need to fill in the 030 form, used to notice the AEAT (Tax Office) you move and will be no longer a tax resident in Span. Please consider that, in this moment, you have stayed in Spain during 2015 the necessary time to be oblige to file your return in 2016 for your taxes refering to 2015, consider that in 2017 you will be obliged to file your non resident tax return. 

Antonio Rafael Ferrández (SOLICITOR)


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Dear Antonio,


Many thanks for your reply.

As they did not pay their tax in Spain but in the UK there should be no forms for them to fill ?

Can they just allow their 'residentia' to run out,(Feb.16) 



That would be the best option. Regarding the taxes, in that case as you say there is nothing to be fill in. If they own a property just the annual non resident tax return.


Antonio Rafael Ferrández (SOLICITOR)

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Dear Antonio,

many thanks for your replies, it is very much appreciated'

Best wishes to you, Gary

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