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Hi, Can anyone recommend a courier company, I've looked at Seur, Nazex and Fastaway, but they don't really offer what i need. I'm looking for a courier that would possible even as a single load be prepared to go to Barcelona, Madrid, Gibraltar maybe even Portugal and collect large pallet size consignments and deliver them either to somewhere else in Spain or return them to Mazarron. Loads can be many double height size pallets down to single half pallets.Does anyone know of a company that offers this sort of service? Many thanks.

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You could try Dainton Trasport it sounds like they could help.

Telephone Danny on 696 180 634 e-mail info@daintoninspain. (Not sure if it's .com or . but there is a link on Anglo info .

If you want a recomendation try page two in the General pages there is a company the praises them quite highly.

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