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Can anyone clarify what this means? its is being brandished around our urbanisation on a regular basis.

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It is often confused by British people living in Spain, but the word Denuncia means nothing more than a 'report'.
If you put in a denuncia against somebody, all you are doing is reporting them. Imagine you are in the UK and you see somebody writing grafitti on a wall. You know who they are, so you report them to the police. In Spanish terms, that is a Denuncia. You have lost your purse and need to report it to the Police for insurance purposes - In Spain, this is a denuncia.

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Though you might find this helpful:Info on making a Denuncia

Phone -112 have your NIE or passport number to hand and your address, I have found that you must be very secific about your addres, so make sure you give it in full.

If you need to ask for a English speaking person, this is sometimes helpful if you are a little agitated when your Spanish seems to disappear

You might have to wait for a few moments, be patient.

Make your 'Denuncia' to the English speaking person who answers you slowly and clearly, write down what you want to say before hand if you think it will help.

This 'Denuncia' will then be forwarded to the nearest police station to you, so it would be a good idea for you to know which is the Police Station nearest to you in order to avoid confusion about the address of the Police Station.

The Denuncia will then be faxed through to your local police station and you are then given 48 hours to go and sign it at that Police Station to which the it has been faxed.

 In the case of you making a claim against your Insurance 'you must make a Denuncia' so as you can take a copy of it to your insurance company. There is no charge other than the cost of the phone call.This also includes making a claim for a household break in, theft from a car or person or personal injury and accident.

Depending on your municipal location, it is sometimes possible to make a denuncia report on the internet, via the website of the Policia Local. Check with your local town hall.

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Thanks for all the input chaps, what appears to be happening here, is plain old simple "dobbing someone in". Why cant people live and let live. Unless my neighbour builds a 10 foot wall and spoils my view that is. Tranquilo is the word.

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Try having my neighbour. He has tried everything including deuncias (all has been unfounded) just because my house was empty for 18 months before I moved in and he does not like having neighbours and has told me so.

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