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Is there a bank in Spain that provides free banking – I know it is never free but you know what I mean – we are always arguing with our Bank over charges for things they gave us that we didn’t want like credit cards.

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My neighbour uses Barclays which I think does free banking. Will try to find out for you.

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Barclay's are offering free banking and cashback to people opening new accounts. They call it their Opportunity Account and offer 3% cashback on your utility bill payments:


Natalie-468434 1251233230

We use the Halifax in the Puerto, very helpful, free transfers, The staff have made a couple of phonecalls in Spanish for us which were not connected to banking very pleased with them.

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We recently switched to Barclays opportunity account and yes it is free with cashback on utility bills, at the moment only electric and telephone although they do say internet and water bills also so will chase this next time I am in the port.

There are a few conditions which are that you must have a visa electron card, which is also free to have (and allows you to book Ryan Air flights without the 5 euro card fee). If you want a credit card though you would have to pay.

I also understand that Bankinter also have a free banking system and also have something to do with Nationwide which allows free transfers I think.

I have to say they were very helpful and set up all our direct debits for us.

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