IMSERSO Spanish Government Subsidised Holidays

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I understand you have to sign up for these holidays by first applying through Social Services? Can anyone tell me which office in Mazarron or Pto de Mazarron you have to go to, please?


shirleywheeldon 1256742426

I think its only for Spanish nationals

jonjon2010 1256807437

No, it is for residents who are tax registered, over 65 years old or receiving a state pension, which we are.


Shepherd-463678 1256810261

Abaco Asesores are offering to assist with the necessary paperwork and this link leads to a full explanation of the IMERSO Holiday Programme and their offer of help

jonjon2010 1256891704

Thanks. I emailed Abaco Connect days ago but have yet to hear from them.

I was told by a local travel agent that you have to get a form from Social Services, complete it and wait for confirmation letter.

Caroline Clinton, Abaco Asesores 1257171783

Here at Abaco Asesores we have dealt with over a hundred enquiries during last week regarding the Imserso Holiday Programme and we a pretty much up-to-date with our replies so a big apology to anyone still waiting. Our service is to provide information about the programme and help all ex-pat residents who meet the requirements to fill in the form and get registered with Imserso. This is a totally free service with no obligation attached so if anyone would like further information please contact me on 96 670 37 48 or

jonjon2010 1257173508

Have heard from Abaco Connect who have sent me all the info I need including the form to complete.

I can either do it myself or Abaco will do it for a fee. I am going to go it alone, wish me luck.

robert allen 1268750829

can anyone tell me where to send the application form for immerso spainish holiday programme for pensioners I think it is a social services address


jonjon2010 1268751447

You can do it online

I tried Social Services next to old British Supermarket in Puerto.

They sent me to Pensionista Club but they thought you had to be 65 years old.

So I did it online. Completed the form and printed it off and posted along with copies of NIE, tax cert and copy of my wife's UK pension payment.

anne in rafol 1379522312

does any one know if there is an english translation to the application form , can manage some of it with my limited spanish but not all

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