Non EU Spouse - confused

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I am a British citizen living in Spain and have supplied all the documents for my non EU spouse to live here with me. However they have no sent a letter saying the wedding certificate must be no more than 3 months old andmust be translated and apostled by the Spanish embassy in the issuing country. We have been given 10 days to provide these documents.  This is impossible asthe issuing country is Azerbaijan and the way things work out there it is impossible to go back there and get everything done within 10 days considering its Christmas next week.  Thething is we supplied a copy of the wedding certificate apostled and stamped by the ministry of foreign affiars in Azerbaijan. Surely this contravenes EU law?  What do we do now?  It is Christmans next week and instead of enjoying our first Chrsitmas in Spain it will now be spent with worry


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