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Looking for a lawyer who is an expert in property law as we have found a large rural property with quite a bit of land and need someone who can advice us how best we can maximise our investment.

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Michelle-463680 1250698242

You will find a list of lawyers in our Directory by following this link to Lawyers, Law Firms & Legal Advice

A number of these deal with property law.

julieann-467981 1250760990

We used Abad Abagados in Murcia for our property purchase and we thought they were excellent but I'm not sure if they deal with rural property law. They are listed on here if you follow Michelle's link and it says they do town planning so that might be what you are after.

welsh andrew 1250862175

Thank you for the advice. I will send out a few emails to the relevant companies listed and to Abad Abogados. If anyone else has a recommendation let me know.

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