Santander ATM machines

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We are travelling to Spain for the Winter and would like to withdraw euros using our Santander card - are there plenty of ATM machines in the area please?


Siennavilla 1445988729

Yes plenty of ATM´s in the port & mazarron - its also better than the banks as they seem to be a law unto themselves as far as commision´s are concerned, also best wishes give good rates.

PaulWatson 1446461363

Couldnt agree more about your comments on banks. We are non resident house owners in Spain and have our dealings with Bankia. \\\\\\\\if you are non resident then every 2 years you have to submit a declaration of your status to the bank . This we did as we do every two  years, and it was sent to the bank only for  the recipient to do nothing with but sit in her intray . Consequently our account was frozen ( not informed about this until we tried to use the account).We then had to spend approximately 80 euros in telephone bills trying to sort the situation out, my lawyer had to pay my fees to the ayuntiemento and I was left by the bank to explain and send payments to every other person we have to pay monthly bills to ( Iberdrola etc )To make it worse and for other non residents to be aware , our insurances were also not paid and the electricity company so if I was disconnected by Iberdrola for non payment my freezer contents would have perished and been uninsured .Also my life insurances were unpaid so in the unfortunate scenario of having a fatal accident would not have been insured .Your comment about them being a law unto themselves were spot on and needless to say we are going to change our bank because of their ineptitude but this fills me with dread knowing the Spanish banks and I fear I may be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire ,but jump I will . Watch this space.

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