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I understand tax returns are now due and believe have up to end of June to submit. My first return is due as am now resident. So can anyone recommend how best to go about it. Probably too complicated to do myself? My affairs are very simple - a State Pension and a small private one and I can compile the figures easily enough myself.

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Geo.restin 1248972545

First question are you paying any tax in the uk on your private pension if you are you cannot pay tax in two countries.

If you should pay tax but are not doing so in the uk then you need the services of a Spanish lawyer because I don't think it is something you can do yourself and many speak good English.

Geo.restin 1248972975

As an adition to my last message I still pay taxes in the uk mainly because I cannot get the tax people to pull ther finger out and stop it so I can pay my taxes here which may be cheaper.

I have paid taxes here but only on a property I sold.

silvertabbies 1248973293

well yes I do pay tax on a small private pension but only a few pounds. Since my original post I have gone to an advisor and they have calculated my tax payable to the spanish authorities as zero. (My income is very small....) Now the advisor is going to get me a tax certificate and this will be posted back to the uk tax people with the FD9 form.

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