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I will be amazed if anyone actually answers this question but here we go. Does anyone actually pay this wealth tax or property tax, not sure what its called, to the Spanish government for owning a property over here?? Where do we start to register, I am nervous as I have no idea what sort of charges we are likely to have to pay but we cant continue to bury our heads in the sand.


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When the tax was introduced i remember reading that initially taxes would be based on self declaration. Obviously if you live in a €10,000,000 house and drive a rolls at weekends eyebrows may be raised! There is a threshold limit (I seem to recall 200,000€). All your fixed assets and cash in the bank are chargable WORLDWIDE. This is a per person tax - so for a couple or shared ownership double it. As its self declared and self declaration is not compulsory - i think it might be a very small bucket of cash for el presidente. Add to this the scurge of "black money" in the purchase of houses, car, payments of salaries etc etc etc etc etc. I'd be suprised if anyone owns a property of value greater than 100000€ and earns more than €10k OFFICIALLY. I think your safe on this occasion to come out from under your pillow!

May the rich get poorer and the poverty stricten have access to clean water.

Maybe the goverment tax office will issue a "tell norman" telephone line so that people can be reported and watch the queue north on the motorway - All good fun.

See Pigs can fly !

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