Transferring sterling to Spain

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What is the best way to transfer several thousand sterling to Spain and then regular smaller amounts of about 1-2000 every couple of months or so

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silvertabbies 1249567801

If you are with Halifax in uk you can transfer free to Banco Hispania Halifax here and I believe the same applies with Barclays, but I am not sure what sort of exchange rates they give. I have always used a currency firm like Currencies Direct or Escape Currency or HIFX to transfer large sums. Normally they don't charge any bank fees and exchange rates are competitive if you phone them for a quote.
I have read you can set up regular payments through the currency firms.

Sterling seems to be on the up at the moment - 1.18 last time I looked today..

Bill-463679 1249571894

Real-time currency conversion between the world's currencies is available by clicking on Exchange Rates in the left hand column.

murcian 1249733144

Thanks, to everyone for the comments and emails. I have decided to go with HIFX as they have set everything up for me.

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