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Does anyone know of a travel insurance company that doesn't charge the earth just because I live in Spain? I used to get excellent prices when I lived in the UK but the same companies are charging horrendous prices because I'm travelling from Spain.


Geo.restin 1252699919

You could try the company below have not used them myself.

Thomas-465803 1252754431

Thanks for the link, they are a little better than some but I used to pay under 40 pounds for multi-trip insurance. Looks like I'll just have to pay a lot more.

mac33 1252769917

The average price for multi-trip European cover is around €90. If anyone finds it for less let me know.

Posh Plastics-464930 1252842070

We pay 100euro a year at Jennifer Cunningham and that covers us both for a whole year.

Thomas-465803 1252918851

I used to pay less than 40 pounds which covered two of us for a year. I think €100 is expensive but I may have to pay it unless anyone knows of anywhere cheaper.

dannyboy-463701 1252921446

Unfortunately, I don't think you will get those prices here. If you are based in the UK and travel Europe then you will get cheap cover but if you are based in Spain and travel Europe then you will have to pay over twice the price. I know some people here that take out the UK travel insurance and try to say they are based in the UK and if they have to claim will try and say they were having a holiday, but that is a very risky way to try and save a few euros

Tiony 1252938352

We got a quote of €85 from ibex insure for multi trip for the two of us for a years cover

dannyboy-463701 1253092995

Buena Vista Insure gave us a price of 87 sterling for multi trip annual insurance for the two of us. That is €98 at todays exchange rate

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