US Dollars

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Does anyone know where we can get US dollars quickly? Topsy


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Am sure the bank can get them for you, it´s just whether they have them there ready or they have to be ordered, as far as I know at the airports the currency places are after you´ve gone thru passport control but may be worth trying to find an online map of the airport building to see if thats true.

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There is a bureau de change at murcia airport and I know bankinter have the same service. Ring you local bank and ask for their help, I am not sure how good your Spanish is but there are local branches of Barclay's and Halifax.

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Real-time currency conversion between the world's currencies is available by following this link to the AngloINFO Forex: Foreign Exchange Rates & Converter

The exchange rate shown is an indicative rate and should be used as a guide only as tourist rates tend to be lower.

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Where can I get US dollars quickly and at a good rate of exchange?


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