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This morning I was confronted by a policeman with a bill from the town hall in Mazarron. It would appear I have to pay a tax for having the walls raised? Is that the norm? We did have a licence for the work, all legal etc. Will this be every year?

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Cumulonimbus-463066 1210090853

Is it the norm for policemen to deliver bills from the Town Hall, or have you been especially naughty?

IdRatherBeInAlbania-463634 1210100775

Never heard of that one before - has your raising of the wall in the opinion of the police caused any road signs to be changed?

pinky-463594 1210103654

When we went to the Town Hall to collect our licence, we were given a bill which was a percentage of the cost that the council estimate it would cost to do the work - regardless of whether you do the work yourselves or get someone into do it. This had to be paid at the bank and then the licence was released

janemurf-462991 1210104722

But I already have the licence. It was obtained prior to commencing the work. And its not naughty to raise your walls, they are well within the stipulated height which is more than I can say for some of the Colditz looking areas in the vacinity!

pinky-463594 1210293416

Did you pay the tax on this bill when you received the licence. If you collect the licence from the planning dept in Mazarron, there is normally a slip that you take to the bank with it.

janemurf-462991 1210350374

The builder applied for the licence, he gave me the form stamped and signed. I thought that was it! Anyway this morning I went and paid the Euros 212 and they released the actual licence.

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