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Hello, we are asking for your help and your opinion before starting a new business aimed at the Camposol Urbanizacion. We are considering an internet based home delivery system for food and drink. The product would be ordered on the internet or by phone and delivered on set days every week. The vans are dual temperatured and can deliver frozen food as well as ambient dry goods plus drinks including water, wine, beer and spirits all at very competitive prices. The idea is to offer the residents of Camposol plus nearby other areas the opportunity to experience the advantages of home deliveries such as; 1, No need to go shopping in 30 degrees of heat. 2, No petrol costs in travelling to the supermarkets 3, frozen English branded food delivered to your door frozen and not partially defrosted. 4,Heavy items such as drinks, cans and bottled water delivered right to your door 5, All your favourite English branded goods at very competitive prices saving you money!! 6, House bound customers either through illness or no car can have product delivered. Before we commit ourselves to the very large financial expenditure of setting up this business we would appreciate hearing your views and opinions on if their is a demand for this kind of service and what kind of product you would like to order. We thank you in advance for your kind co-operation in this matter in helping us make a very important business decision. Jonathan

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Shepherd-463678 1248181320

Why have you chosen Camposol for this service?

While the service may prove profitable you should look at a number of aspects of the service:

  • It is Internet based, so you need your customers to have access to the Internet and be comfortable using online ordering

  • You are delivering so you need your customers to want deliveries - more likely to find customers who live away from a supermarket and with disposable income to prefer a delivery service

  • You are delivering English branded goods - are they competitively priced against the local shops including Iceland in San Javier.

Have you a viable business plan, too many people set up in business and then struggle to make sufficient income to make it worth their while?

I would not think Camposol is the best location for this type of business as Internet access is a problem on the Urbanisation, there is a supermarket on site and I am not sure that many residents would want the service - I may be wrong.

dicdandoo-463925 1248185683

Firstly to answer some of the questions posted by Jonathan.

There is already several companies who deliver groceries to Camposol, frozen food, and a local fruit/veg man.
Carrefour also now deliver groceries here. Mercadona following your shopping will deliver your food to save carrying it home.

The small supermarket on sector A, will also deliver to elderly people around Camposol, and will take your order by phone.

Most people enjoy getting off Camposol even if its only to do there weekly grocery shop.

There are several people around who already help elderly people with shopping etc.

Most of us came here for the sunny weather, and it really is only that hot in July & August.

Although it is nice to have some English branded foods, there are many Spanish equivalents equally as good and much cheaper.

And to comment on Shepherds statements, internet access on Camposol is not really a problem except if you live on Sector D.

So would this type of service be viable - I would be very careful before investing large sums of money.

Shepherd-463678 1248188512

Thanks Dicdandoo for putting me right on the Internet access thing.

I had been told that there was a shortage of Telefonica lines over there, but I don't live on Camposol and could only work on heresay and rumour.

fabtastic-465808 1248196817

I have lots of friends on Camposol who don't know one end of a computer mouse from the other! Sector D being the furthest away and well populated would probably benefit the most but as dicdandoo says D is the sector with internet access problems.

Do you have an idea what percentage of homes have internet access?

Have you actually had a look around Camposol at the hundreds maybe thousands of properties for sale? Indicating a shrinking market before you even set up.

"very large financial expenditure".......... a big big risk I would say.

ANNE PATTLE 1248199891

Hi, i think it is a great idea especially if your prices are competitive as the local spanish supermarkets are very expensive on english product. Iceland is also expensive on non-frozen goods as they attract you through the door with cheap and cheerful frozen product but then you impulse buy on the expensive goods as a one stop shop. Also the travelling time back from Iceland generally means your frozen product is nicely defrosting and can become a health hazard. On top of that you have to add the cost of petrol. I have three children who hate the weekly shop so it would be very advantageous to have it delivered, especially if Jonathan is going to carry all the shopping up all the stairs which always leaves me exhausted. Will you be delivering wine as well as beer?

I for one would definitely use this service if it becomes available.


dicdandoo-463925 1248254788

Why would you use this service and not Carrefours new delivery service - they have a wide range of goods available.

I find with Iceland you do need to watch what you buy - but if you go for the items that already have the UK prices on I generally find that the exchange rate is £1 - 1.25 euro, not bad!

JONATHAN-468250 1248281778

Dear sir, thank you for your constructive comments to which we would reply as below

1, We have commissioned a very detailed business plan and have extensive previous experience in the retail business.

2, We would if we decide to launch this business target specific areas where there are large communities of ex-pats starting with Campersol and eventually covering all of Almeria, Murcia, Alicante, and Valencia with an extensive fleet of delivery vans.

3, Initial price comparrissons between our forecast prices and local supermarkets both Engish and Spanish show we would be extremely competitive with potential large savings to be made by our clients.

4, Our initial stock range of British products would be approximately 4000 products which would dwarf the offerings of any competitor. These would include dry goods, frozen goods, soft drinks, beers, spirits water and wines.

5, We believe the sheer convieneance of this service combined with the monetary savings would be attractive to a good percentage of the targeted population, but we could be wrong which is why we have asked for peoples opinion.

6, We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be interested in hearing more about this potential service,

Once again thank you for your comments and your time.



silvertabbies 1248457494

I would just like to say I live on D camposol and internet is no problem. I have the Telitec wireless broadband, you can see lots of houses with the same thing on their roof which points to the highest point of D which relays onwards.

As for internet shopping - I used it in the UK when I was housebound and would be glad of it again if needed but as long as I am fit and well I shall continue to shop around.

vsmd 1248644526

not to mention nobody has any money left with the exchange rate bottoming.

have you thought about the licences you will need for this operation.......the spanish will make it difficult for you........and they wont be cheap.

beleave me this would of been done already by someone else if it would make money.

good luck in your venture i hope it works for you but it wont be easy



silvertabbies 1248893613

Do Carrefours really deliver groceries to Camposol?

From which branch? I went to their website and input my postal code 30875 and also tried old code of 30870 but is just comes up

Lo sentimos, todavía no hay servicio de entrega a domicilio en tu localidad

Si deseas elegir otra localidad

introduce tu código postal

Which translated is;

Sorry, no home delivery service in your area

If you want to choose another location
Enter your postcode

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