Whats the latest on Residencia

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I have been putting off applying for Residencia until everything calmed down. Has anyone recently applied and has it got any easier!!


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Hi Missie,

It's really easy. 2 forms to be filled out there and then, 1 photo, a small amount of cash (6.80€?) and the original of your passport. Takes 5 mins if there is no queue.


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Do I go to Cartagena where I got my NIE?

IdRatherBeInAlbania-463634 1207141462

at the main police station in Cartegena near the Arsenal. Don't you need the padron as well?

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A padron is not required...
but that doesn't mean they wont ask for it, but to ask breaches EU law.

billyb-463540 1207144325

... there is even an argument that charging 6,70 Euros is wrong as well.

IdRatherBeInAlbania-463634 1207577851

So does taking a finger print but they are still doing that

When the going gets rough - sack the dodgy decorator

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