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Our policy is up for renewal soon, we are currently with Linea Direct, who seem very competitive. But I like to ring around for a few other quotes, does anyone have any suggestions.

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Does anyone know where I can change 45 pounds sterling for euros in Torrevieja or within travelling distance of Los Alcazares? Not bothered what I get just so long as its in euros

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Can anyone recommend a good Company accountant, I have been quoted a price from one accountancy firm and the costs per month seem totally scandalous particularly as we are only setting up the company and are trying to get established.

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Is it possible to shop around and get better mortgage rate here in Spain as it doesn´t seem to be the done thing.

started by: Suzie-463979 · last update: 1224671988 · posted: 1215600422

How do I provide proof of address now that I'm living in Spain with my partner (who I'm not married to) when the house and utility bills are in his name.

started by: robbie-464587 · last update: 1224326744 · posted: 1224196724

Can anyone reccommend where to obtain Travel Insurance Annual cover here in Spain, Mazarron / Camposol area?

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Someone said this morning that when your UK State Pension the currency exchange rate would be 1.37. Can someone confirm or deny this for me please.

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The European Court decided on 18th Oct 2007 that the above benefits were exportable to ex pats living in the EEA or Switzerland. Evidently it takes time for all parties to be informed but everything now has been scrutinised and the UK has been taken to task. these benefits are now being re instated. You should write to the benefit Office, quoting your NI number. Just need to see if they are going to make any back payments for the benefits which were illegally stopped. Write to:- The Exportability Coordinator, Room B120D,Disability and Carers Service,Warbrick House,Warbrick Hill Road,BLACKPOOLFY2 OYE England. I urge all of you to join the British ex-pats site who have worked hard to get this benefit reinstated, and are working to get all sorts of benefits reinstated, as well as lobbying against the cost of renewing passports in Spain.

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Can anyone give me some info on the Turismo Licence please, in relation to renting out your property? What is it, who needs it, and what are the implications of having one or nor? How do you even get one?

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Does anyone use Paypal to pay for goods and services over the net? I have had a problem recently with mine, it has suspended the account saying they thought a fraudulent payment was trying to be taken. It was only my Skype account tryinbg to top up. Do you think I can get it sorted? Has anyone else experienced these sort of problems?

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Friends of ours bought a pool three years ago with a 10 year guarantee and they have now found out that the company no longer exists. How do they stand legally? Is there anywhere they can go for help?

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Please advise anyone you know not living here but with bank accounts, that there is now a New Law requesting a certificate, via bank accounts that have to be presented, or accounts may be frozen. info in the informer www.informernews.org issue 135. The banks should help with this but advise anyone to contact their banks and get this sorted before 15th Oct. another bureaucracy battle...any one would think the Spanish like us living here!

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Just to remind you that if you add to your Casa, pave an area, paint a different colour, buildwalls up, add gates etc etc. you may/ do need a licence,. Certain buildings cannot have an extension/which adds on a room i.e. glazed in, as they may be too small in size. check first - rather than be fined. as it is costly. Even if others have done so does not make it legal. the risk is yours.

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We are changing our bank, we have not been happy with the service for awhile now. Can anyone recommend a bank, one without silly hidden charges, thats does what you ask, when you ask.

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This morning bright and early we went to get our Residencia in Cartagena. Only to be told to come back at 8:30 tomorrow morning. We arrived dead on 10am thinking it opened at 10. It was heaving. So I will keep you all posted on our progress, if there is any.

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Has any one on either the Country Club or Camosol got their Habitation Certificate.

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Is there a photo booth near to where you get your residencia in Cartagena?

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The latest tax raising scheme of the Spanish Government. If you have a property here as a holiday home (or live in it full time on the sly and work under the table) you will now need a certificate of "non-residencia" the powers that be are placing embargo's on peoples tourist bank accounts forcing people to register or declare their residency and hence liability for tax.

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Is there anything a mate of mine can do. He has been renting out his small property to someone who had done a runner, leaving unpaid rent and also a huge electricity bill. He know for a fact that this person is still in the area and no doubt doing exactly the same thing. What action could he take?

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My friend had cause to use a translator when visiting the hospital, and can recommend a lady called Diane, who is a naturalbylinguist, speaks excelent Spanish, and is avialable for whaterver translating needs you require, tel 664 107 800, en Camposol, for advise.. very reasonable rates for a good service.

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