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I have been told have to go to the social security office in Totana to get my E106 stamped then I need to present it to my local clinic. Do I have too have my residencia form before they will accept the E106? Also can anyone tell me where the offices are? Feebs

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Anyone looking for Travel Insurance (inc over 65's) look at Monarch Airlines webpage under insurance. Well worth a look.

started by: crunchy-463015 · last update: 1215538098 · posted: 1215442390

Does anyone know if any of the Spanish Insurance Companies do a monthly car insurance premium instead of a lump sum up front?

started by: brian-463006 · last update: 1215535564 · posted: 1214431683

Does anyone know if its compulsory to take out a Spanish life insurance policy if you have a Spanish mortgage?

started by: sianee · last update: 1215511839 · posted: 1215446337

Having recently gone through the trauma of having my bag taken, I would like to give a word of advice. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have copies of all documentation, NIE number, residency card and or certificate passport and padron. Also someone suggested that when you do get your Padron issued ask for extra originals and keep them on file just in case. Better to be prepared just in case.

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If anyone needs a translator for the Hospital, Police Station, Town Hall, Notary, Vet, Chemists, Car Repairs, Electricity, Water etc I can recommend Tina Tel: 666 32 96 35 Email: t4lingua@hotmail.com

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A friend of mine is setting up a business here in Spain and wants to know how she can find out about a Eurogrant. Does anyone know how she would go about it? Thank you

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According to the Economist magazine Spanish electricity prices need to rise by up to 35% to bring them into line with the actual cost of production and to recover the subsidies the Spanish government have been applying. The EU is forcing the Spanish government to stop the subsidy as it encourages industry to set up in Spain ahead of other EU countries and does not encourage users to be more efficient in their usage. So look forward to prices rising steadily well ahead of inflation over the next few years. http://www.economist.com/business/displaystory.cfm?story_id=11632852

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They have moved the offices in Cartagena. Where do I go now?

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Has anyone had a quote for life insurance over here recently, its absolutely extortionate, do we have to have it if we take a mortgage? I have heard conflicting reports.

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Apparently the British Embassy in Madrid has issued a statement announcing that there is a temporary halt to the passport courier service as a result of the recent transport strike. If you have already submitted a passport application then you can check with the embassys hotline betwee 10:00 and 14:00 on 915 249 761.

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At the moment my husband works in the Uk and comes home every couple of weeks, so he pays his taxes in the UK and is entitled to health care. Whereas I feel I am in limbo! officially I am not entitled to health care, also with bank accounts we either both have to be resident or not. What are the advantages of being a resident and what difference will it make to taxes?

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My daughter is about to start work as a stewardess on a motor yacht. She has been advised to get a Eng 1 card for health cover. I have not heard of this, can anyone else advise us? She has her EHIC card and will have full insurance from the day she starts work so why would she need it anyway?

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I went along to the Police Station and got my NIE number. But now I am confused - do I still need to apply for a residencia or what? I was told that I have already got all I need by one person, yet another tells me I still need to get a residencia - if so, where do I go?

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When we bought our property here a couple of years ago, my partner got his NIE number by traveling to Cartegena with the agent and received it about a week later. I now need to get my NIE number so wondered if we'll have to travel to Cartegena again? If so, how will I find the place?

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I need a translator in Cartagena if possible to help me with a hospital appointment in July. Can anyone recommend anybody.

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For over twelve motnhs we have been on a generator for our electricity. Last week the foreman of the builders called around and said we had to pay €100 per month for the following 8 months to help towards the cost of the fuel for the generators. Surely this is not legal?? We do not have our certificates of habitation, it is not our fault that we are not connected to the main grid. I was told if we did not pay by 1pm they would disconnect us. So we paid, I am very angry but feel there is nothing whatsoever we can do. They frequently turn off the electric without warning, which now I wonder if it is to save on fuel. Any comments??

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I am thinking about becoming an agent, do I have to register and pay tax on this sort of part time job? I dont think my friend in the UK declares what she earns for tuppaware?

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Does anyone know how many years have to pass before something built without permission, ie fencing, base for mobile home, pool etc, becomes legal, if there has been no denuncia´s or queries from town hall etc. I have heard anything from 4 to 10 years ? Thanks MM

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Having now been in Spain for over six months and intending to reside here permanently I have been sent a form by Inland Revenue inviting me to apply for exemption from UK income tax. It involves filling it in and sending to the local tax authorities in Spain. After doing this the spanish authorities are supposed to certify it and send it back to the uk and then I will be exempt from UK tax and be able to claim back tax paid recently. So has anyone done this recently? I'm not sure where to send to my local tax office here in Mazarron or Murcia or indeed how to fill in the form properly.

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