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Can anyone tell me does the town hall have the right to charge IBI on a property that presently is considered still under construction (this is written on my Escitura)? Also we still dont have a certificate of habitation. Surely we need to be actually fit for habitation before we can pay this property tax?

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This morning I was confronted by a policeman with a bill from the town hall in Mazarron. It would appear I have to pay a tax for having the walls raised? Is that the norm? We did have a licence for the work, all legal etc. Will this be every year?

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Anyone out there using the 106 form for 2 years medical? Just wondered if I still qualify for it as I havent worked in the UK for over 12 months. Been commuting to and from Spain so up until now had a foot in each camp so to speak.

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We would like someone to advise us whether we need a building licence for some work we are thinking having done on our home. Personal recommendations would be better rather than picking a name out of a directory.

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What sort of price would I pay for 500 flyers? single sided. Needed in a hurry!

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need to obtain residencia this week. Can anyone tell me what documents are needed and if i need to pay to take a translator with me. many thanks

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Hi , Has anyone replaced their old residence card, because it ran out with the new paperwork ? If so , could you give advice of what to do, where to go, how much etc...I am sure this would be a great help , to a great many people living here permanently.... mm

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I will be amazed if anyone actually answers this question but here we go. Does anyone actually pay this wealth tax or property tax, not sure what its called, to the Spanish government for owning a property over here?? Where do we start to register, I am nervous as I have no idea what sort of charges we are likely to have to pay but we cant continue to bury our heads in the sand.

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I am in the process of doing my calcs for a local business in the town. Can anyone give me an idea of accounting/accountant costs for a small one man band / shop and perhaps recommend an accountant. I'm not worried whether they are Spanish or English speaking. Thanks.

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I have been putting off applying for Residencia until everything calmed down. Has anyone recently applied and has it got any easier!!

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We are about to rent out an apartment, potential clients are reluctant to pay the whole amount six weeks prior to arrival! What do we do?? They say they dont know us and are understandably cautious of paying for something they havent seen nor know for sure that its our to rent in the first place. How do we get around this?

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Can anyone clarify what this means? its is being brandished around our urbanisation on a regular basis.

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Thinking about the future can anyone recommend a company that can provide a prepaid funeral plan?

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Does anyone know of any charity shops locally that i can gift things to who specifically do not save dogs, cats or donkeys. Is there one that aids children and disadvantaged families by gifting them their needs rather than asking for payment?When the going gets rough - sack the dodgy decorator

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Jane Cronin is giving a one day workshop on 29th March at her language school in San Pedro del Pinatar. So if you are in business and struggling with the language this would be ideal. Its really aimed at those with only very basic Spanish who have the desire to further there business with the Spanish community. If you need more info call 968 183 258.

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Is there anyone out there taken on a franchise? I just wondered what sort of costs are involed in this type of venture. Something like the Pasty Shack or Cornish Pride. Just interested into how it works.

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Please tell me you dont need a licence to rent a property over here. No one has ever said, neither the agents when we bought, nor the solicitor, nor the bank for that matter that if we wanted to do short term rentals we needed a licence. And now its with a local agent for rentals and key holding they haven´t mentioned it either. Waiting in anticipation...

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¨We have a Spanish mortgage and I am not very happy with things. Has anyone tried swopping a mortage over here to get a better deal?

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Going to try my luck this week and get my name on the Padron. Can anyone tell me what paperwork I need to take with me and if there is a charge?

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Do I need to have two separate wills, one for Spain and one for England? I dont have much in the way of assests in England, I dont own a property just some insurance policies.

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