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am i right in thinking there was a problem for those taking early retirement from uk ie not yet in receipt of a state pension from their home country. if so has it yet been resolved or are these people currently without healthcare. I am asking because the same scenario is about to occur in france

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Does anyone know where the nearest Oficina de Extranjeros is near Aguilas, Murcia? Thanks!

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I may have to rent out my apartment, do I need to use a lawyer to set it up, just incase there are any problems getting them to leave when the contract runs out. Can anyone advise me as I havent done anything like this before and my biggest worry is not being able to reclaim whats mine if they decide they dont want to leave. I know in the UK its very difficult to get rid of a tenant if they dont want to go.

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Hi all Me and my husband bought 2 years ago an apartment off-plan in Duquesa (near Marbella) and some months ago the developer told us that our apartment was going to be delayed, by another year! As you can imagine we were a bit annoyed and after talking to our family we decided to pull out. Someone recommended us these lawyers in Marbella and we called them immediately and dealt with Felipe. Some months later we got our money back plus interests. We are really happy now and thinking about where to go on holidays. It is worth it having a look, they are in more countries if you need and they can help you with all kind of problems. If you want send Felipe an e-mail, I don’t know if I can give you his personal one. Well, anyway you can send it to the general one info@martinezechevarria.com and then write “to the attention of Felipe Martinez”. They even have an office in San Javier. Good luck and all the best Paul and Marianne

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I have just been reading an article in a local freebie newspaper. Turistico is a property that has been bought purely to rent out rather than live in full or part time. At no time when I purchased my home did anyone mention that I was buying a turistico property. I now have to approach our local town hall to try and get this rectified together with thousands of other owners. So a word of warning when you purchase a property check with the your local town hall how it is listed.

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I pay 350 a month including bills for a two bed, part furnished, long-term. I was wondering what others paid. I am not on an urbanisation.

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I did ask about this a couple of weeks ago, and no one appears to know the answer!! Surely somebody out there has bought a car whilst they have been over in Spain. I just wanted to know who pays the tax on the transfer?? Whats the norm.......

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Thursday night we had an electric storm which went on for some considerable time. It blew our microwave and our water heater. Would be covered under our insurance for this? Just wondered if it happened to anyone else?

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Can anyone tell me the difference between a gestor and an assesor?

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A mate of mine has bought some land and whilst he waits for planning permission to build he has put a caravan on and connected himself to the water supply. Does anyone know if he should have some official documentation to do this? He doesn´t want to go asking at the town hall incase it costs him money

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How easy would it be to get a mortgage in the UK for a Spanish resale property??

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A friend of mine has told me that if I take out a mortgage here in Spain and miss just one payment they will repossess the apartment!! Is that really true?

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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to sell on a property without having the Escitura?

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Can anyone fill me in on this touristico situation?? I believe that some properties built on urbanisations have this status. Which means that you are not supposed to live in it permanently! No one every mentioned this when we bought, not even the solicitor.

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Can anyone recommend a bank that does not charge silly charges for standing orders and bank transfers etc.

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Can anyone tell me why I would take out a buildings insurance on an empty apartment? I can understand contents insurance once its kitted out but surely the whole apartment block will be covered under the communal charges?

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Can anyone fill me in on what these people do?

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Can anyone tell me if you have to have an accountant when you own two properties here? I am not sure if someone is just trying to scare me, but they say I have to register with an accountant to pay tax.

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