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British Embassy Madrid 20 July 2011 With one year to go, London is now ready to host the 2012 Games – and to deliver a legacy that will create jobs and investment opportunities for Spanish companies With one year to go until the start of the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games on 27 July 2012, London is now ready to stage the "Greatest Show on Earth". Imaginative planning, design and construction by leading British companies have resulted in the completion of world-class Olympic facilities, and ensured sporting, environmental and economic benefits that will transform the east of London in the decades ahead. The legacy of the 2012 Games will create major opportunities for Spanish and other foreign companies to invest in one of the world's true global cities. Britain wants to attract overseas companies to expand and set up new businesses, creating jobs and prosperity for the UK economy. London 2012 has launched 'London Prepares', a major programme to test the now finished Olympic facilities over the coming months. More than 40 world-class sports events - including volleyball, cycling, sailing, rowing and canoeing - will bring top athletes to experience the new Olympic venues and existing sports locations. At an event today (20 July) in Madrid hosted jointly by the Spanish Olympic Committee and the British Embassy, HM Ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman, said: 'Britain is a country that delivers what it promises. A year ahead of the Games, London is ready. We look forward to inviting Spain's elite athletes and to welcoming Spanish companies to see for themselves the transformation of east London and the investment opportunities that are being created. "These Games will deliver an impressive triple legacy of world-class sporting facilities, major environmental improvements and huge economic opportunities that – like Barcelona in 1992 - will transform the city and attract huge amounts of investment in the decades ahead." With one year to go, the main facilities of the Olympic Park are all finished, including the Olympic Stadium, Velodrome, Basketball Arena, Aquatics Centre and Athletes' Village. FCC Construcción of Spain is fitting out the International Broadcast and Media Centre that will house 20,000 journalists during the Games. Afterwards the Centre will be converted and offer more than 80,000 m2 of high-quality business space. Major transport improvements that will keep London moving during the Games have been completed, including Stratford station as the main gateway to the Olympic Park. Ten different rail routes serve the station, transforming a poorly-served area into one of the best connected parts of the capital. The strong emphasis London has put on sustainability means the 2012 Olympics will deliver a major environmental legacy. After the Games, the Olympic Park will become one of London's most important regeneration projects for the next 25 years, and a catalyst for the transformation of east London. It will have five world-class sports venues, 2,800 new homes set around open spaces and waterways, modern utilities and communications infrastructure networks, greatly improved transport connections, and Europe's largest indoor shopping centre. Nearby Tech City in east London is already home to one of the largest concentrations of fast growing digital technology companies in Europe, up from 15 firms in 2008 to over 300 today. HM Ambassador Giles Paxman said: 'The Olympic Park and surrounding areas offer enormous potential for Spanish and other international companies to invest – regenerating the area and building new businesses in what will soon be one of the most modern, vibrant areas of Britain.'

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I have recently returned to the UK and need a certificate of good conduct, I understand that the ministry of justice now do this, has anyone applied for this certificate and if so how long did it take? How easy is this to do myself?

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The British Consulate in Alicante set up a special Consular office in Valencia this week to support the thousands of Brits attending the Festival Internacional de Benicàssim in Castellón, the FIB. The office was run out of the local Honorary Consulate in Valencia and supported by members of staff from Alicante. The hugely successful festival is very popular amongst Brits who want to enjoy the music, sun and atmosphere of the festival. Knowing that lost and stolen passports would be a problem, the Consulate had met with the local authorities and festival organisers before hand to discuss how best to prevent crime from taking place and how to support the British Nationals if they did suffer loss or theft of their passports. They also carried out an extensive publicity campaign on facebook, twitter, and through the official FIB website to advise those attending how to keep their belongings safe and what to do if anything went wrong. Before the festival week, the Consulate also sent detailed information leaflets to the local police and festival information points so that anyone who did lose their passport would know what to do. The week of the FIB is always the busiest of the year for the Consulates in Alicante and Barcelona, and staff were kept busy talking to victims of crime and their families in the UK to ensure they were able to get Emergency Passports and any other assistance they might need. The British Vice Consul from Alicante, Lloyd Milen, who worked out of the office in Valencia, said "Considering the huge number of Brits that attended the festival, we knew that there would be quite a few lost and stolen passports to deal with. The only good thing is that most of the festival goers had travel insurance, which means that they may be able to claim back the cost of the Emergency Passport that we have issued them today. Otherwise, losing a passport can be expensive." The Consulates in Alicante and Barcelona were equally occupied, with Festival goers flying out of all their main airports. Paul Rodwell, the Consul in Alicante, who coordinated the Consular response, said afterwards "We received lots of positive feedback about our Consular response and it was a great feeling to see all of the Consular teams working flat out to offer high quality Consular assistance. We made the process of getting an Emergency Passport as stress free and simple as possible. The preventative work and liaison with the security forces and festival organisers certainly paid off and I am pleased that the British nationals that we helped were able to get home safely" If you need to contact any of the British Consulates in Spain, details can be found on ukinspain.fco.gov.uk or you can sign up to the British Embassy Facebook page to get news and travel updates on www.facebook.com/Britishembassymadrid

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Has anyone heard of or had dealings with Ubiquitous mortgages? are they ethical?

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Boost for Britain as leading Spanish energy company and international car manufacturers show confidence in UK economy Ambassador hopes Repsol, BMW and Toyota deals will encourage more Spanish companies to look for opportunities in Britain Britain this week received a triple boost to its advanced engineering and manufacturing industries as the giant Spanish energy company Repsol led a number of fresh investments by major international companies in the UK. Repsol has agreed to buy 100% of Sea Energy Renewables, a Scottish company that promotes and develops offshore wind farms. The €57M (£50M) deal represents the entry of yet another major Spanish company into Scotland's energy sector, following both Gamesa and Iberdrola. British Ambassador Giles Paxman said "This is a big vote of confidence in the UK economy and shows how Spanish companies continue to see Britain as an attractive place to invest. Scotland has a quarter of Europe's offshore wind energy potential, and it's great that yet another Spanish company has seized the opportunity to invest in Britain." The news came in the same week as BMW of Germany announced that it will invest an additional £500 million (€565M) in its UK production facilities over the next three years, most of it at Cowley in Oxford, home of the Mini. The famous car has been a symbol of British design and manufacturing for 50 years, and BMW sold more than 8,000 British-built Minis in Spain last year. BMW wants to expand the Mini lineup to seven models, with a coupé version planned this year and the Mini Roadster in 2012 – both to be made in Oxford. Nearly two million of the model launched by BMW in 2001 have now been produced and sold worldwide, twice as many as originally envisaged. In addition, Nissan this week announced that it is to invest £192M (€217M) in its plant in Sunderland, where it will design and build the next version of its highly successful Qashqai car, of which more than 30,000 models were sold in Spain last year. It is also the UK's tenth best-selling car.

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I am considering having a lean-to conservatory built on the side of my villa on Camposol and want to know how I can ensure this complies with local planning regulations. Advice, anyone?cheersJohn

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Would there be a retired U.K. Tax inspector, / accountant in the San Pedro / Pilar De La Horadada area, who could a look at my tax return form, before I post same off to the U.K., just to make sure I'm claiming all I legitmately can. I don't mind paying my bit, but clearing the national debt is a bit much! Many thanks, Rob Barnes.

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Can anyone suggest an alternative to "Telefonica" for broadband and landline. I see a few on offer but can't weigh them up.

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British residents in Spain urged to persuade guests to take out travel insurance Overstaying their welcome? Drinking all your beer? Not paying for meals? Hosting friends and family from overseas can cause always cause stress, but potentially more serious and costly problems are avoidable – if residents remind guests to make simple travel preparations. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office today called on British expats in Spain to urge their visitors to take out comprehensive travel insurance before they come to stay. The call comes as new research reveals that young people are more likely to spend their money on a present for their host than take out a travel insurance policy (see Notes). A survey commissioned by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office shows that a third of people failed to take out travel insurance the last time they stayed with family and friends overseas. More than three quarters (77%) of those saying they are visiting friends and family this year said that saving money is a key factor in their decision. However, a lack of comprehensive travel insurance cover is a false economy and guests could face serious financial difficulty if they need medical treatment or lose valuable possessions. Over a third (39%) of British guests have relied on their hosts when things have gone wrong during their trip. British expats hosting visitors have faced a range of problems from taking guests to hospital when they fall ill to providing financial help. British Consul for Alicante, Paul Rodwell said: “When friends or family visit, it’s natural for them to feel at ease and not prepare in the same way as they would for other holidays. But things can quickly become very stressful if your guests end up in a tricky situation and lack travel insurance. So if you’re asking guests to bring out your favourite teabags or newspaper, ask them to get travel insurance as well, and save yourself and them from what can otherwise be difficult and expensive situations.” Residents can tell guests to visit www.fco.gov.uk/travel or the ‘UKinSpain’ website for more information.

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I would like to know please with a Santander bank account will I incur charges using my card in Britain? Britain now has Santander Banks. Thank you Kate

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This morning at the Sunday market in San Javier Auto Cine, my mum was unfortunate enough to have her purse,passport ,documents and money stolen. I have however canecelled her cards, but she is due to fly back to UK on Friday. I am wondering if anyone has been through a similar incident and would know if the police paperwork would be sufficient to let her fly back home? Any advice/help appreciated..

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The British Embassy has posted new advice on unfair practices on the business pages of its website, which may be of interest to British businesses based in Spain. The advice follows a number of letters received by the Embassy in recent weeks. http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/business/help-for-uk-companies/unfair-practices

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I am trying to ascertain the 'True and Correct' current value of properties on Camposol. I know in general terms that a property is worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay for it. However, hopefully somebody will be able to guide me as to the approximate value of a Classico linked property. I believe i am correct in believin that sectors A and B have a slightly higher value than sectors C and D. Is this correct? That being so, What is the currrent value of a Classico in good order on sector C14? I would very much appreciate any views or advice concerning this topic. Thank you very much for any help.

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In a recent visit of the ex-Consul (1993-1999) Patrick Campbell to the Consulate, the actual Consul Paul Rodwell took time to learn from the past and discussed the increase in the number of British nationals living in the Alicante consular district. According to the official statistics from the Instituto Nacional de Estatisticas (www.ine.es) the number of British residents has risen significantly. For example in 1996, according to the INE there were 24,500 British nationals in the Consular district comprising the five provinces of Castellon, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia and Albacete. Now there is six times that number – currently 167,000. Back then as now, not everyone is on the padron which means that the real number of residents would have been significantly higher. The key message remains for all British nationals to ensure that they are on the padron – an explanation of the reasons for being on the padron can be found on www.ukinspain.fco.gov.uk Former and current Consuls took the opportunity of the visit to exchange notes . They discussed the differing challenges as well as the way the operation had changed over the years. Patrick Campbell enjoyed the visit. He said “It was good of the Consul to show an old-timer over the present operation at the Consulate. Computers came to the Consulate during my term as Consul (1993-99), but the system we had then could not compare technically with the operation of today. Mr. Rodwell and I were able to swap experiences of past and present. It was reassuring to see all the traditional services to Britons in place as well additional ones that greatly benefit the British community.” For his part, Paul Rodwell said that he had also found the visit useful. He said “It was really valuable to learn about how things were done in the past. Patrick had already identified the importance of supporting the resident population and was working in partnership with charities in the area”

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having lived here for nine years and watched the big property collapse... and now looking at the purchase situation... i ask this, how can these estate agents, who helped cause the grief, expect a commission of 10%... out of order... and preventing sales through greed. get wise... advertise your house here and don't let these people take the mickey.

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spent all day in camposol with a friend who was looking for a property. opened my eyes, thats for sure. found estate agents adding 10% to price... in this market. one honest estate agent who called a spade a spade and several nice people who just wanted to sell. now you'll probably tug this comment but no wonder nothing is moving. our search goes on, but not via estate agents.

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From the British Embassy in Madrid: Everyone registered on the padrón as a resident in Spain, including British nationals, has until and including Monday 11th April to check with their town hall whether they are on the list of registered voters, ahead of the local and regional elections across Spain on 22 May. If not on the list, residents can request to be added (although in a few cases, it is possible that town halls may lack the necessary IT systems to enable checks). The elections are your opportunity to have your say in who makes the decisions about public services in your area, and an opportunity for British residents to take part in Spain's democratic system and further integrate into Spanish life. Registering on the padrón is an important part of living in Spain, and checking that you are on the list of registered voters will ensure that on 22 May you have the right to cast your vote.

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Many column inches (sorry, centimeters) have been written about QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes) but do you really know what they are about? In the Anglo Info Spain blogs section 'Financial Life in Spain' I have written a post which deals with questions that I've been asked. Please have a look http://blogs.angloinfo.com/financial-life-in-spain/2011/03/28/qrops-questions-answers/ I hope this is useful and would welcome feedback davidgoodall

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Good afternoon all, I would be very grateful if anyone can help me. I am trying to find out what companies are fighting for the contracts to build the new theme park near murcia.

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Promoting trade and investment is the key priority for the visit by Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales will today (30 March) meet Spanish and British business leaders as part of a drive to promote more trade and investment between Spain and the UK, in order to create jobs and economic growth. The Prince will meet top Spanish companies at an event in Madrid to reinforce the commercial links between the two countries. Together they will explore the advantages of Spanish businesses investing further in the United Kingdom, the opportunities for British companies in Spain, and for collaboration between British and Spanish companies in emerging markets. The event at the Comunidad de Madrid, organised by UK Trade & Investment, will highlight the existing and potential future collaboration between British and Spanish companies, as well as reminding Spanish companies of the attractions of the United Kingdom as a great place to invest. . HM Ambassador to Spain, Giles Paxman, said: 'The United Kingdom is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. It is one of the easiest and quickest countries in which to set up a new company. It has a highly-skilled, creative and flexible workforce, and it is a global financial hub with international connections to all parts of the world. "Many Spanish companies are fast discovering the advantages of investing in Britain, and more are contacting UK Trade & Investment every day to find out how they can expand and grow in Britain. The UK government is cutting bureaucracy to make it even easier to set up and get started." The UK is the number one destination in Europe for inward investment, second only to the United States globally. More than half of international companies with European headquarters choose London as their HQ. Spain's exports of goods and services to the UK totalled over £19 bn (22 bn euros) in 2009, and Spanish direct investment in the UK is greater than in the whole of Latin America. Spanish companies own, amongst other businesses, London Heathrow airport, Scottish Power and mobile telephony provider O2 (and with it the popular Millennium Dome). Some 400 Spanish companies are investing in the UK. Names such as Santander, Zara and Massimo Dutti can be found in every large UK town or city, and Spanish alcoholic and fruit juice drinks and foodstuffs are highly popular in British supermarkets. In the other direction, Spain is the UK's seventh largest export destination, with trade in goods and services amounting to over £14 bn (16 bn euros) in 2009, considerably more than all UK exports to China and India combined. Around 700 UK companies are investing in Spain, including BP, Barclays, Diageo, KPMG, British Airways, easyJet and Vodafone.

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