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Hi there, I am a fully qualified Carpenter looking at moving over with my family and would like any ones views on the likely hood of employment in the area.I would probably set up a small business working for myself,so it would be nice to know if the area is already flooded with tradesmen or in fact the opposite. Many thanks in advance for any replies,Darren.

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News and events from the British Consulate in Alicante Thursday 24th March – The British Consulate is holding an Open Day to inform British citizens living in Spain about Consular services and their Pension, Benefit and Healthcare entitlements. The British Consul, Paul Rodwell, will be there to talk about what the Consulate can do to help, and Martyn Standing and Laura Leeman from the Pension, Benefit and Healthcare Team will clarify in detail any doubts that people attending have regarding their pension, benefit and healthcare entitlements here in Spain. The event will be held in the Centro Socio-Cultural, Camposol, Sector B, Mazarrón, Murcia at 11:00am (doors open at 10:30am) General - http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/other-locations/alicante-consulate - A series of filmed interviews with the British Consul for Alicante can be found on our website on this link. This is a selection of videos show-casing the work of the Alicante Consulate, which provides more information on consular services and the work the consular team carries out. Royal visit – Find more details about the upcoming Royal visit to Spain on the British Ambassador's blog on http://blogs.fco.gov.uk/roller/paxman/entry/a_royal_visit Please note that any future event can be cancelled at the last minute for unforeseen reasons. Where the Consulate is not organising an event directly, they may not be informed of any changes.

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From the British Embassy in Madrid: see the photos by clicking here Despite all the information needed to fill out a passport application, your photo is one of the most important elements. And people often get it wrong. It should be easy. You go into a photo booth, put your money in, smile and there you go. But unlike getting your holiday snaps taken, producing an acceptable passport photo is not quite so straightforward. “We produce around 32,000 passports a year for customers in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Cuba, North Africa, Greece and Cyprus,” says Andrew Hamilton, Head of the Regional Passport Processing Centre in Madrid. “But no matter where the applications come from, we invariably find that the biggest cause for delay is that the picture doesn’t meet the required standard.” So if you don’t want your passport application delayed because of your mug-shot, follow our tips below to make sure your photo is correct. · Size matters – We need to see more ‘head’ and less ‘shoulders’ in the photo. There should be at least 29mm from the top to the bottom of the head, but no more than 34mm. · No smiling – Although it’s tempting to smile, it’s better if you keep a neutral expression. Teeth should not be visible. · Remove glasses – If at all possible, don’t wear glasses, they can give off a glare which means we can’t see the detail of the photo. · Make sure the face is clearly visible – Don’t wear hats, and try not to let your hair cover your face. · Make sure you’re straight on – You need to look straight at the camera. Although we all may have a ‘good’ side, for the passport photo you need to be straight-on. · The plainer the better – Photos should be against a plain, light or off-white background. · Don’t use your home camera – The photos have to be of a particular resolution, printed on specific photo-quality paper. It might look OK to you, but on our systems it can often come out grainy and faded. For children, the rules aren’t so stringent. Children under 1 year of age need to be a good likeness, showing as much of the child’s face as possible. For children between 1-6, we can waive the need for a neutral expression, and the eyes don’t need to be looking straight at the camera. But for adults, we need it to be right first time. And for those who want to know, the correct photo is number 3. For more detailed information on passport photos, visit the DirectGov website (http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Passports/Applicationinformation/DG_174152) For more information on passport applications visit the passports section of the UKinSpain website (http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/passports)

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I hope that this will be helpful. This a comprehensive list of Spanish expressions and terms used in all matters financial and legal, translated to Englishhttp://www.financial-pages-in-spain.co.uk/home/translations---comprehensive-list-of-terms-and-expressionsYour feedback would be much appreciatedDavid Goodall

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Hi, I have been reading up on Tax issues as a Non Resident and I am totally confused!! Basically - when do I become liable to pay tax in Spain? I currently own a property in Spain but still live in the UK. I am moving over permanently in Apr 2012. Will not be in employment in Spain, therefore no income, except a UK company pension. Hope someone who has knowledge/experience of this can point me in the right direction? Happy for PM's to keep confidentiality!! Thanks Sue

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Representatives from the British Consulate in Alicante are going to Mazarrón at the end of this month to visit British nationals there and hold an Open Day event. British Consul, Paul Rodwell said “Murcia, Mazarrón in particular, has one of the fastest growing British populations in Spain according to the latest padrón statistics. We hope that by reaching out to this area and hearing people’s concerns, residents can obtain the information they need and be aware of what their Consulate can do for them.” After the British Consul opens the event, the Pension, Benefit and Healthcare team will give a presentation on people’s rights to pension, benefits and healthcare here in Spain. Anyone who has any questions about these subjects, or just wants to find out if there have been any changes to the system, should find it worthwhile to attend. The event will also be attended by the Mazarrón Town Hall representative for foreign residents, Jacqueline Gálvez. She already works closely with British residents in the area and said, “I think it is really important for people to be up to date on their entitlements here in Spain and I’m really glad that the Consulate is taking the time to visit Mazarrón.” Following the presentation, those who want to have an individual consultation can talk to the experts about any specific problem or query they may have. The event details are: Location: Mazarrón, Murcia Date: Thursday 24 March 2011 Venue: Centro Socio-Cultural, Camposol, Sector B, Mazarrón, Murcia Time: 11:00am (doors open at 10:30am) To book a place, please visit our website www.ukinspain.fco.gov.uk or if you don’t have access to the internet, you can call us on 91 714 6443.

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The British Consulate in Alicante will be piloting evening opening hours for notarial work every Thursday in March to provide a more convenient service for its customers. This service will be by appointment only. The Consulate’s normal opening hours are 08:30-13:30, but during March we will also be open each Thursday from 16:30-19:30 by prior appointment. British Consul, Paul Rodwell, said “We feel that customers would like the flexibility of extended opening hours, as it means that people can sort out important documentation at times that suit them better. This pilot is to see how much demand there is for this change and to provide a more customer friendly service.” In March, the Consulate in Alicante will be open on the following dates: · Thursday March 3rd 16:30-19:30 · Thursday March 10th 16:30-19:30 · Thursday March 17th 16:30-19:30 · Thursday March 24th 16:30-19:30 · Thursday March 31st 16:30-19:30 Examples of notarial services include documents regarding your change of residence or documents for getting married in Spain. If you would like to make an appointment with the British Consulate for any of these dates, please call us on 965 21 60 22 or email us on Alicante.Consulate@fco.gov.uk

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Pension Credit payments and rules Did you know that if you have an address in UK albeit owned or rented and are 60-65, you can claim Pension Credit.If you would prefer to live most of the time in Spain due to ill health like some persons I know, you can stay up to 3 months at a time away from UK under the PC rules. This means that you can rent a property in UK with the rent and rates paid for by the state because you are fully entitled to it. I guess if you are getting help towards your mortgage, the same rules would apply.Your comments are welcome.

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does anyone know what the new procedure is to renew our residencia? Where do I get the forms; where do I take them; what documents do I need.

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Can anyone tell me if the problem of the illegal properties around the perin/tallente area has been solved as i was thinking of buying in the area.

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HiHappy New Year! Can anyone tell me where I can find out the actual law regarding the new smoking ban in bars, restaurants in Spain which I am told comes into force next week? There are so many Bar room lawyers with conflicting opinions that I just wondered if anyone knows the actual facts.Many thanks

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The Pensions, Benefit and Healthcare Team from the British Consulate in Alicante are holding an Open Day The details of the event are as follows: Date: Tuesday 30 November 2010 at 11.30am (Doors open at 10.45am) Place: Ayuntamiento de San Javier, Plaza de España 3, San Javier, Murcia For more information visit the AngloINFO What's On guide: http://costacalida.angloinfo.com/information/whatsontoday.asp

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I am looking into bringing my Staffordshire Bull Terrier across when I move over to Spain and I have been told that I need to get Public Liability Insurance as she is classed as a "Dangerous Breed" in Spain! My question is does anyone have any experience of getting this and where did you get it from? I know that about the other conditions etc but I've had no joy in finding out about the insurance bit. Also, I've seen a couple of Staffies when I've been over and none of them have been muzzled, am I trying to be too good a citizen and do things "by the book"? Thanks

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Hi all, I really need some advice as to what my rights are in Spanish law when a relationship breaks up and we have jointly owned property. I dont have very much money, so am unable to go directly to a solicitor and was wondering if anyone knows if there is a Citizens Advice Bureau type service here in Spain?

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Hi All We are in the process of buying a property in Camposol Mazarron, at the minute we are struggling with who should do what!!! The estate agent says after the deposit has been put down (which we have) it down to the solicitor to do the rest, but our solicitor is saying the estate agent should be helping as well. Can someone please help to say who should be sorting the sale out, we have been waiting 4 months for the solicitors there's and ours to do something. Thank you

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Just wondered if anyone as had the need to amend their Spanish Wills at all is so how much did it cost Regards

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Hi Can anyone confirm the rumour that Knights' Insurance Brokers has gone into liquidation? And if so, what will happen to the policies issued and currently in force? (pretty worrying if they have) Thanks

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Free pension registration searches are being conducted at Time Out Sports Bar & Restaurant on Friday 12 November between 18:00-21:00. Full details can be found in our What's On guide by following this link Costa Cálida What's On: San Javier

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I am very pleased to see that there is a notice in Consum on Camposol, about the agencia tributaria and the social security checking the legality of people working around the Camposol area. It is very annoying to pay your taxes and be committed to integrate properly and legally into the Spanish society, and to be in competition against people who do not. I hope that all of the people who are illegally trading in what ever field get caught out, or even better still make the payments they are supposed to. The notice also states that if you use these illegal people then there are provisions to impose fines of up to euros 8000.00. Spain like most European countries needs money now more than ever to operate efficiently and, provide the necessary infrastructure we all take for granted, like schools, hospitals.., without taxes it cannot operate properly.

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My husband purchased a chain saw from Leroy Merlins in Murcia in February 2010, for E 170.00 after seven uses it broke, (it was just the coil spring to start the motor, usually a 10 minute repair job) we took it back to the store and were told that as more than 100 days had lapsed it would need to go to the repair shop, that was 29/7/2010. We visited the store to see what was happening early September after being told someone would telephone us when it was ready. The store had not it back from the workshop, and said they would chase it up, and telephone us that Monday with any information. We did not receive a call, and visited the store again, same story, this happened four times. On 16th October some 11 &1/2 weeks after we first took the saw in, we went into the store and told them that we needed our saw back, a replacement or our money back. They very begrudgingly gave us a new saw. We brought it home set it up, and it did not work. We took it back in the box, unused, and were told that the new saw would have to go to the same repair shop that still has our original saw. I told the manager that I was very dissatisfied with the service and had no confidence in the repair shop process,they more or less said take it or leave it, that is all we will do, I asked them if they could give any guarantees on time scale, and they said not I told them we would have another machine the same as it was probably just bad luck that this one was faulty too. I filled in a complaints sheet outlining the facts as above. Does anyone know what are my rights as a consumer and what should be my next step. We need the machine for work, and will have to purchase a new one in the next ten days if this matter is not resolved. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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