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I'm looking to renew my car insurance and wondered if anyone here has experience of Knight Insurance, good or bad. All comments welcome.

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Does anyone have a Nationwide Account do you know that from November 1st people who reside outside of the UK regardless of whether they have been long standing customers or not will be discriminated against and will have to pay charges to withdraw money from an ATM

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Has anyone been approached by a company wanting to come and see you about releasing frozen pensions from the U.K to Spain, saying you can cash them now in Spain which you can't in the U.K or if not wanting to cash, if move to Spain will not get taxed on them here when come to fruition which we will in the U.K? Dont know if this is true or a scam... any one had dealings with them? work on referals and ring you..thank you xxx

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Has anyone out there been to Murcia to get their NIE numbers? Just wondered if its the same procedure as Cartagena and also is it easy to find?ThanksJane

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Anyone recommend a cheap but quality European travel insurance company?

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Anyone remember the procedure for renewing your padron please

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Just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on the following: If I want to accept a payment from USA via Paypal, am I better to convert the currency to euros through paypal(by having my custom currency as euros) or leave in in dollars to be converted when transferred into my spanish bank account?

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we have a small mortgage on our property with the Cam bank. when we took it out we were told that we had to have their life cover it was compulsory. this cover is only on the first named on the bank account and so if anything happened to my husband I would be left with the debt also it is quite expensive. has anyone else been in this situation and been able to sort it out. Any advise would be appreciated.

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Can anyone advise me where to go to discuss the legalities and tax implications of starting a small business. It would be connected with food too, so I am not sure how we would go about the health and hygiene aspect of things. Any help much appreciated.

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I was flicking through the news page on Angloinfo http://costacalida.angloinfo.com/news/ and found this article from the Barcelona Reporter: Spanish Property Recovery House Prices showed a 7.04% increase Like the pound, these figures represent an 18-month high for volume of sales in the Spanish property market Spanish Property Recovery House Prices showed a 7.04% increaseMaybe it's the pound's 18-month high against the euro or maybe it's a belief that Spanish house prices cannot fall much lower - whatever the motivation, property sales in Spain are on the up. June data from the College of Registrars showed a 7.04% increase for quarter one 2010 over the same period in 2009, and a 16.28% increase from the final quarter of 2009. Like the pound, these figures represent an 18-month high for volume of sales in the Spanish property market. Chris Mercer, Director of Costa Cálida based estate agents Mercers, has experienced the change of fortune, "We can reveal a quite spectacular increase of 157% for quarter one 2010 over quarter one 2009 and, based on the number of enquiries we're receiving, feel optimistic for the rest of the year. It seems that would-be Spanish property buyers are fed up of waiting in the wings and now want to make the most of a soft market."Housing portal Rightmove also saw some great results for Spain in May. The country topped their enquiry list and showed confidence returning to British buyers. However, according to the College of Registrars, home purchases by non-residents for quarter one 2010 accounted for only 4.24% of transactions (5,000 homes) of which the Brits took the largest chunk at 31.49% (1,574 homes). This isn't going to clear the massive oversupply of holiday homes overnight, but at least sees an improvement on 2009. Chris agrees, "All of our sales are currently price driven. Mercers' audience is now mainly British, split evenly between retirement and holiday homes, but we are seeing a big increase in enquiries from Spaniards, in particular those from Madrid after a bargain holiday bolt-hole. And, with two bedroom homes on Camposol Golf priced from 55,000 euros, that's 45,000 pounds, a bargain's exactly what they get." http://www.barcelonareporter.com/index.php?/news/comments/spanish_property_recovery_house_prices_showed_a_7.04_increase/

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The wrong amount has been requested for a direct debit from my bank account, can I ask the bank to ask for it back?

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Hi, I need to apply to renew my British passport but according to the website, I can't fill in the application online unless I'm in the UK. Can anyone here help?

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I see from the front page on Angloinfo that there is a General Strike today... does anyone know anything about this? "Public sector workers strike may affect hospitals, schools, fire services and local government"

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Not good news for many ex-pats, maybe just sensationalism to sell newspapers? or am I being cynical See the link below for the full article http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/personal-finance/pockets-get-hit-as-the-pound-heads-to-parity-with-the-euro-14536095.html

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Could anyone offer advice as to how the spanish react to non nationals applying for work.

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Hello. I hope that you can help.I am hoping to apply for a centrefire rifle / shotgun certificate in the Mazarron area. I held firearms certificates in Ireland, and I am not sure on the proceedures here. I have lived in Spain for over 12 months now, and live in a small holding in the campo. Can anyone advise. Thanks. Andy.

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"Spain has officially come out of recession after figures issued by the Banco de España for the first quarter of 2010 show a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 0.1%. Although the annual figure still remains sub-zero, the stock market celebrated the good news with a rise while other European markets continued the downhill slide that began on Monday." See here: http://www.costa-news.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5207&Itemid=1

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Can I pay a bill at the office/agent in the port

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I am looking for a reliable reputable rental agency in North west Murcia. Caravaca,Calasparra or Cehegin.

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hi can someone explain the rent to buy scheme that i see on the spanish property websites thanks

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