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Can anyone tell me when the banks are closed over Easter?

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Can someone please give me the number for Camposol Insurance Services on Sector A. Im back in the UK and cannot find the number anywhere! Its cold here by the way!

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The British Consulate, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department of Health are to visit Los Alcazares This is an open event for British residents to be held on Tuesday 16th March at 10:30 in the Centro Municipal Las Claras del Mar Menor The Team will be presenting advice services on some of the issues that matter most to residents. The British Vice-Consul will open the session and explain the role of the Consulate, and the services it offers. The Pension, Benefit and Healthcare Team will provide essential information on UK entitlements in Spain and the services that their team can offer. The event will also include an open Question & Answer session and the opportunity to talk individually with advisers. To sign up for this event follow the link: http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/pensions-benefits/open-day/alcazares

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Does anyone know if its possible to pay Spanish car tax, normally paid in Cartagena, on line ? If so what are the links to do so. Hopefully someone might know ? Thanks

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I discovered via some friends about a Tax Rebate Available, on the sale of your home in Spain, between 1997 and 2007. I went to an expat meeting recently and no one knew about it. So I thought I would pass it on, they were a great firm with English speaking Lawyers, who managed everything for me, on a no win no fee basis. If anyone wants the details please get in touch. Albert

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Hi,Can anyone recommend an English speaking Spanish accountant in Puerto de Mazarron.Many thanks.

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I need to get a certified copy of my passport. I think a solicitor or lawyer or civil servant or notary has to sign it is a true copy.Has anyone had this done - and can recommend someone who can do this - at an ecomonic fee?

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Found this blog by accident when looking for info on residency. There are very interesting and helpful articles about buying property and driving licences- amongst other things...

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Hello everyone, I'm offering help in order to fullfill any paperwork, arrange any requirement etc, with public administration etc, I am a lawyer, not working now, and I need to practice my English, so maybe I can help you and you can help me. Thanks!

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I'm looking for an accountant in Puerto de Mazarron to do my personal tax return preferably with some English.Could anyone recommend one?

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Can anyone help with the procedure for renewing my passport, it runs out in August so I need to sort it out now. Someone told me I have to be interviewed in the UK to renew it!

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Can anyone tell me at what age your child can open their own savings account in Spain?

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Does any one know if it is possible and how easy or difficult it is to prepare and submit IVA Returns and End of Year Returns for a small business in spain. I understand it is a Self assessment regime as in the UK, has any one done it, and if so how? I am totally OK with preparing the figures as I do it now and our accountant copies my figures and submits them and then charges us 50 euro per month! I am a UK trained accountant. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone here have any experience of using Bancaja? I've been thinking of changing banks for some time and have just read in one of the local freebies that they are offering free banking for private customers. Looking for any advice on their services etc.

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The National Commission for Electricity, CNE, has recommended an increase of 18% in electricity prices for 2010. The only good news is that they said the same thing last year and the Spanish Government ignored them. Hopefully with the current recession they will be ignored again.

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hi we have to go to town hall to change our padron as we have just moved, anyone know if they speak english

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Hi, my mother has an apartment in Mazarron and due to various problems there are some outstanding charges on the apartment to be paid to the community. As I try to pay them off since finding out in September, I have paid half now, they keep threatening lawyers and embargo's on the rent or sale of the apartment. Furthermore for being 1 month late on payments they are charging €50 each time. My mother is suffering from depression and is very sick and the threatening emails are making matters worse. Can someone tell what if they are entitled to do all this and if I have any rights to fight them for time to pay. We have been paying some off but if they put the embargo on the apartment we have no chance of renting it and generating revenue to pay it. Is this all lawful? Thanks

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Can anyone help me? Where do I go to complain about my insurance company. I have had 2 valid claims in 5yrs but Santader make excuses and I haven't had either claim accepted. The first claim was 4yrs ago, I had lived in my villa 12mth when the hot water heater fell of the wall causing boing water to flood the villa and damage goods. The insurance company said the contractor who installed it was to blame so would not pay me. The heater was already in the villa and I didn't know who installed it. The second claim was in October this year when we had unusual weather and my roof leaked. They will not accept my claim because the excuse they gave is, I hadn't maintained it. The roof hasn't leaked in 5yrs, how am I supposed to maintain the roof if it has never leaked before. I've paid my premiums but feel I have been robbed as the insurance is useless when I need it. I might as well not be insured. Where do I go fo help? Any advice would be helpfull. jh

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Hello everyone, this is my first post so please be kind!We are planning to buy a small home in Spain, not sure which part hence the post.I have recently been made redundant in the UK, and with the big '50' approaching I think the time has come for a complete change of direction. The only problem I have is convincing the wife!I'm thinking about buying a large van and starting a small transport business from my home in Bournemouth, to Spain. The idea is to bring my wife with me so we both get to see the different parts of the country, while funding the house hunting with a little light haulage!I would like to know what sort of regular work I could expect to get if I did two regular trips a month? And where could I advertise to get the work?I have driven in France over the years and know the Toll roads are good but expensive, what would the costs be to drive from Bilbao or Santander to the Costa Blanca? And are there any reasonably priced motels like the Etap chain in France?I would greatly appreciate any advice on my idea as I plan to get started as soon as possible in Jan 2010.ThanksPhil

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Can anyone tell me if, when you renew Residencia (and get a certificate instead of the Residencia cards), you still have to pay the fee and produce the bank-stamped Modelo 790 payment form? Will you also need the application form EX16, even though they would have all the necessary details already, presumably?

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