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I am looking for someone to occasionally translate documents from Spanish to English and translate others from English to Spanish accurately.

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Hi, can anyone tell me what the going % is for estate agents selling a property in Costa Calida right now. Thanks Chris

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Hello all,My Brother and family are buying a place in Bolnuevo. The deposit is paid and contracts signed, but they are hearing nothing from the bank (they are taking over an existing mortgage and paying a lump sum off it). His query is"Would anybody be able to answer the following questions:Would it be common for the bank to carry out the property survey (they have done so) if they weren't going to make us a mortgage offer?Or is it a good sign that they have done the survey and might thismean that all our financil paperwork and so on, was satisfactory?"Regards to all.Pat

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Does anyone know where we can get US dollars quickly? Topsy

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How and where do I go about registering myself and the family now that we've arrived in Spain? We already have NIE's from buying our house but someone took us to do that.

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Does anyone know of a travel insurance company that doesn't charge the earth just because I live in Spain? I used to get excellent prices when I lived in the UK but the same companies are charging horrendous prices because I'm travelling from Spain.

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Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as Citizens Advice or similar in Spain?

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Do we have a consulate in murcia? I know the british embassy is in madrid but that is a bit far away and I there is a consulate for alicante but what about us?

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a courier company, I've looked at Seur, Nazex and Fastaway, but they don't really offer what i need. I'm looking for a courier that would possible even as a single load be prepared to go to Barcelona, Madrid, Gibraltar maybe even Portugal and collect large pallet size consignments and deliver them either to somewhere else in Spain or return them to Mazarron. Loads can be many double height size pallets down to single half pallets.Does anyone know of a company that offers this sort of service? Many thanks.

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Is there a bank in Spain that provides free banking – I know it is never free but you know what I mean – we are always arguing with our Bank over charges for things they gave us that we didn’t want like credit cards.

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We have visited the mar menor many times and love the area (just back from our latest holiday). We plan to buy in the region towards the end of next year. With the current property problems would we be better waiting to see if the prices drop further or has the local property market reached its lowest point. We could buy now and rent out the property until we are ready to move or would we be better to wait for until next year?

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Looking for a lawyer who is an expert in property law as we have found a large rural property with quite a bit of land and need someone who can advice us how best we can maximise our investment.

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To settle an argument - If you have a child in Spain do they qualify for a British or a Spanish passport or both. I say that the passport is dependent on the Nationality of the parents and not the country of birth.

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What is the best way to transfer several thousand sterling to Spain and then regular smaller amounts of about 1-2000 every couple of months or so

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I am moving to Camposol 1st September from France and shall need Car Insurance. Can anyone recommend a broker/insurer who wont rip me off (like my French insurer has). The car is currently on British plates (right handed too) and I realise eventually I shall have to get it registered in Spain. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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I understand tax returns are now due and believe have up to end of June to submit. My first return is due as am now resident. So can anyone recommend how best to go about it. Probably too complicated to do myself? My affairs are very simple - a State Pension and a small private one and I can compile the figures easily enough myself.

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Hello, we are asking for your help and your opinion before starting a new business aimed at the Camposol Urbanizacion. We are considering an internet based home delivery system for food and drink. The product would be ordered on the internet or by phone and delivered on set days every week. The vans are dual temperatured and can deliver frozen food as well as ambient dry goods plus drinks including water, wine, beer and spirits all at very competitive prices. The idea is to offer the residents of Camposol plus nearby other areas the opportunity to experience the advantages of home deliveries such as; 1, No need to go shopping in 30 degrees of heat. 2, No petrol costs in travelling to the supermarkets 3, frozen English branded food delivered to your door frozen and not partially defrosted. 4,Heavy items such as drinks, cans and bottled water delivered right to your door 5, All your favourite English branded goods at very competitive prices saving you money!! 6, House bound customers either through illness or no car can have product delivered. Before we commit ourselves to the very large financial expenditure of setting up this business we would appreciate hearing your views and opinions on if their is a demand for this kind of service and what kind of product you would like to order. We thank you in advance for your kind co-operation in this matter in helping us make a very important business decision. Jonathan

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I read on the AI Almeria site that town halls may close for the whole of August, can anyone confirm this please?

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I am coming over in September to set up in business. Can anyone recommend a good lawyer or solicitor for legal advice, company registration, etc?

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hi, i'm looking to set up a business in the region, i just wondered what the property market is like in the area, is it similar to many other places at the moment, many houses for sale, trouble selling? any info would be great louise

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