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Did you know that you can take out a policy with Mapfre and according to your age when you start this, for e.g. age 60years it will cost you approx 50euros per Annum. and covers you for in the case of your demise, for all your funeral costs. or repatriation of your body to your birth country. not a happy topic no doubt, but it can cost so little for peace of mind. You do not need to pay out large sums of money up front. Did you also know that as in Spain when you die you have only 3 days approx. to sort the funeral out, but can have your body frozen at an extra costs so that your loved ones can make the flight over. The premiums will go up with age but it is for peace of mind especially if you are here alone in Spain, and have to think of this awful eventuallity. Also if you are to leave your Spanish property to your next of kin, say children then they need to get an NIE before anything can be dealt with, and as this is likely to take time. perhaps this should be sorted out well in advance, and perhaps also a bank account opened would be useful. to make life easier when having to deal with the death. Morbid - yes but a fact of life. Take advise from Mapfre.

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Telefonica are offering adsl at 6mb down speed to autonomo business's at €19.99 a month. Free install etc.

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Our cover is just about to expire and we would like some recommendations for the best place to get European multi-trip travel insurance. To be honest we think our current cover that we got in the UK doesn't really cover us properly as we live in Spain. We think any claim might be questioned as we are not leaving from the UK but from Spain.

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Hi, we have dug out a boat that had obviously been blown into the beach on an island. We have dug it out and towed it to safety with our boat. Does anybody know what we have to do now to claim salvage money and return the boat to its owner?We would be glad of any advice at this stage.

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What is the law for zebra crossings over here? Someone told me that if you step onto a red and black one, then cars must stop but on a black and white one, they don't have to.

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I have recently opened an account with Barclay's in Puerto de Mazarron, it is a current account called an opportunity account, and is great as there are no maintenance fees attached to the account, providing you sign up for a visa electron card, which is also fee free (great for booking Ryan Air flights and avoiding the card fee). They have been very helpful, also setting up all my direct debits for me. You also have internet banking in english, and free transfers from a UK Barclay's Branch, although there are some terms and conditions with transfers.About time free banking was offered in Spain, I currently bank at the Cam bank and pay over 60 euros a year for the privilege.

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I want to rent out my property on a long-term basis but have heard some very worrying stories of people refusing to move on at the end of their agreement and that they have more rights than the owner of the property, is this true?

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An English friend of mine has been waiting for a liver transplant in the UK for a very long time. The UK has this "opting in" to offer your organs at death, you have to advise the necessary authority that you wish to opt in. Spain has a different outlook, here you have to opt out in writing, otherwise it is automatically assumed that you wish to offer your organs. My question is : Does anyone know if you can fly to Spain for this type of surgery and how do you go about it?Jean

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The Police are now looking at the suppliers of gas bottles and fining customers who pick up a Calor Gas Bottle - carry it in their own car without a licence to do so. so beware of what you do. The price of Calor Gas bottles is down by 3 euros as of 1st April, a Government incentive to help with the down turn of the ecconomy.

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Can anyone recommend a GOOD Solicitor who speaks English within the Cartagena district please.

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Yesterday I went to traffico in Cartagena to renew my Spanish driving licence. I was faced with a place full of people (poss 100) waiting. I took a number for the information queue and as there was at least 30 in front of me I thought I would go and get the mediacal done and come back in time for my turn. I went to the medical centre GISBERT which is a couple of doors away from traffico towards the panoramic lift.It was a wonderful experience (unusual in Spain) I had an eye test and a test on a simulator and questions from the doctor. All passed so she completed a form and I paid her 50 euro for the medical and 22 euro for the licence. I did not have to go back to traffico, they do it all and my licence will arrive in the post. 35 minutes in total.Barbara

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I work for Mario Construction on the Urbanisation Camposol in Mazarron. I have access to a key to two containers that are used by Mario Construction for storing building materials only. If anyone feels the need to view these containers at any time then please call into the Amber Pools shop on Sector B and I will escort them to the area. Thank you Jane Lewis

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If you are taken on legally by a Company do you still have to get your residencia or does the company just apply to the social security office and that sufficient? Or do I still have to get my residencia?

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I happened to be in the Mercadona centre in Los Alcazáres yesterday. I stumpled over a Internet café called cyberspace and dropped in, just out of couriosity. They have all kinds of service there - you can even have you goods delivered to the shop. But what I noticed was that they seem to have ASSSA in there as well. I forgot to ask, but wonder whether that means that we - that is ASSSA clients - can get serviced from there? We bought from an agent, but we are not very satisfied with ther service. Can anyone enlighten me on this. Will ASSSA be there or do we still have to go through the agent? Matthew 6, 7, 3

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Can anyone recommend a health insurance company. We are new in Costa Calida, so any tips will be welcome.

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Does any one know for certain, that if I sell my casa for less than I purchased or sell for the same price, will I have to pay the capital gains tax on this? Is this charged on the whole amount or the so called profit., and does it alter if you are a tax resident or a non tax resident,

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I have been checking my telefonica bill and the vast majority of my calls are to Spanish mobile phones - everybody seems to be on mobiles now and nobody ever answers their landline! Please somebody tell me how I can get cheaper calls as I seem to be paying around 25 cents a minute with Telefonica.

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Does anyone know if any of the banks here issue a Visa Electron card and if so which ones.

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Where do you go to get signed on to the Pardon and what documents etc do you have to take with you?

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I have now completed my first full tax year in spain i.e. all of 2008. So do I receive a tax return automatically or what? Or should I register with a gestor or assessor and if so please recommend an economical one in Mazarron. I just have the state pension and a small occupational one and my total income is less than 10k a year.

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