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HelloIn July I am opening a new cocktail bar near to Cabo de Palos and I am looking for someone to prepare (off-site at your home) a selection of tapas for our guests. If you are interested in this opportunity, please call me directly on 693934381 ....I look forward to hearing from youBest regards, Ian.

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Does anyone know if it's possible to get curry paste and spices from the Spanish supermarkets?

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Hi members, Can anyone tell me where is the best supermarket to acquire goods from the UK? Probably a specialist chain. I came across one but cant remember the name, and I think they had outlets in SouthEast Spain, Tenerife and maybe the Islands too. Anyone help please? Thanks a lot

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British Embassy Press Release: What can the British Ambassador to Spain and the Mohican-wearing, Spanish it-chef of the moment have in common?  Not much, it might appear, but Simon Manley (46) and David Muñoz (33) share several passions. Running, food and the United Kingdom are three of them, and the pair has just been filmed cooking the classic British dish of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding – with a distinctive, modern Spanish twist.  In a new video on YouTube, David explains why he will soon be opening his first international restaurant in Britain.  “I love it,” says David. “I lived in London for six years, and learnt almost everything there. London’s huge gastronomic diversity can be found nowhere else.”  Simon Manley adds, “David’s decision to expand into the UK shows what a great place London is to start a new business or expand an existing one. What’s more, he’ll add even further to the incredible quality and variety of food which visitors to London can enjoy.”  David recently received his third Michelin star, making him the youngest Spaniard to win the top Michelin ranking and the only holder of three stars in Madrid.  His new restaurant, StreetXo London, will open this summer in Mayfair, bringing with it the culinary style that has made a table at his tiny DiverXO restaurant among the most desirable - and near unobtainable - in Spain.  The video shows the two in Union Jack aprons producing a dish of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding in the Ambassador’s official Residence – with the addition of horseradish, papaya and a herb that grows beside Spanish rivers.  One of the top Foreign Office priorities for its Ambassadors – such as Simon Manley in the British Embassy in Madrid - is to explain the benefits of investing in Britain, which is recognised as the easiest country in Europe in which to start a new business.  David Muñoz will shortly be joining internationally renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White and Raymond Blanc – to name but five based in Britain – to continue the ‘gastro revolution’ that is fast changing foreigners’ perceptions of British food.  Meanwhile the ‘Britain is GREAT’ campaign, which has a special emphasis on food, is also helping more British suppliers to sell their products into overseas markets.

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Since January this year  Eroski Supermarket of Dos Mares, San Pedro have been putting on  Spanish Cookery Workshops for the  ADAPT  association within the store. These have proved to be so popular that extra weeks have been added to the course.   This week Jose Manuel,  Maestro Jamonero from El Pozo, gave an interesting talk about Iberian pig farming and the quality of ham which depends on the diet of the pigs. He then gave a demonstration on how to slice the ham and the tools needed and asked for volunteers to be shown the correct way to cut a ham using the sharpest of knives and protective chainmail gloves.   Elena showed us how to prepare and cook Cordero while Damian, who runs the fish department of Eroski, poured our wine samples.   We all thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations and also our tasters of Jamon, Cordero and wine.   The whole thing was filmed and some of our members were interviewed by Beatriz for an  Eroski  Company video which will be also used in training.  The fact that ADAPT Association is very keen to integrate with the local community was much appreciated.   ADAPT meet on the first Saturday of the month at Hogar de Pensionistas, San Pedro at 10:30am and welcome new members. see www.adaptsanpedro.eu

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new to the area so can you reccomend eating places around fuente alamo /tallante/mazzaron pl TIA

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Have you seen this? There is an email address for enquiries, facurryclub@gmail.com curry club fuente alamo,starting friday 7th december at 8pm,thereafter the first friday every month Exclusive Menu..poppadoms with spices,choice of 4 starters,selected choice of main course curry in chicken , lamb or prawn with either rice or nann bread SPECIAL CLUB PRICE  . 9.90EUR, ADVANCE BOOKINGS ONLY Plus CLUB WINE DEAL JUST 5 euro per bottle

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I am meeting a friend at Iceland Vera can anyone tell me if there are any restaurants/bars nearby that do a good Menu del Dia.  problem is that neither of us know the area and we are coming from opposite directions.  Thanks  

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I would like to know if there is an interest in creating an English speaking lunch/dinner club of some sort. In Murcia City or the very near surroundings. My thought is that we could get together for a nice chat over lunch or dinner once a month for example, no fancy wining and dining just normal typical Spanish style places. If there is an interest answer through this site.   Margalberca    

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Does anyone know of a good catering company I can use for a large party I'm organising?

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Hi all, I'm looking for a great restaurant for a traditional Sunday lunch, you know what i mean roast beef, yorkshire pudding and all that. Near the airport would be best as we want to pop in as we are dropping friends back for flights next week.

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Hello all, my family and I will be on holiday in the port of mazarron at the end of July and we'd love some recommendations on where to eat out with the kids. Does not have to be british, just enjoyable and affordable and maybe some entertainment.

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At last the fish & chip shop has re-opened in the port under new management and we called in on Saturday and found it's very good value and very tasty and, if you like your fish and chips well worth a visit. Dave the owner is a chef and trying to make a good go of it and for those who don't know where it is it is at the back of El Arbol opposite the old English supermarket.

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Weve some friends in Spain and they are bringing us some spanish brandy, its called something like Fundador, does anyone know the price of a litre bottle please, as they wont take any money for it, but if i know the price i can just give them the money. Thanks.

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Well off we went to the ocean fish shop on camposol today all looking forward to our fish n chips fix and the plaice is closed. Closed on a Saturday lunchtime? Thought this would be the best time to open shop! Had to go to Grand Mundo instead for the buffet!

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MABS volunteers will be packing bags at Iceland from the 12th to 23rd December in return for a small, voluntary donation. Iceland has been a fantastic sponsor for 2011 and we've enjoyed our association with this great group of people. So, if you see people packing your bags when you're shopping there - we're not trying to steal your shopping. Spangles Ladies' Harmony Chorus will be singing at Iceland on 23rd December.

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Hi all, New to this site and the region. Can anyone recommend which supermarket has the best selection of goods at reasonable prices? Not after brit goods or anything. So far I've visited a consum and found them very limited.

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visited iceland yesterday for the first time and was surprised at how expensive it was. i can get coca cola cheaper, eggs and chicken[ not the reformed] much cheaper and the exchange rate on the prices is 1euro 40cents equaling 1 gbp. i asked about this terrible exchange rate and a busy lady worker told me to take it or leave it. there are some bargains and i spent my money wisely but i wont be going there again.

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a good quality set of chef knives? Has to be somewhere I can look at and feel them so not online. Thanks.

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Anyone know whats happening at Love India in Puerto Mazarron? Ive been past a few times at lunchtime and its not open. It will be a shame if its closed for good as its by far the best tasting Indian food in and around Puerto. If it does open again please give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

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