ADAPT and Spanish cookery

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Since January this year  Eroski Supermarket of Dos Mares, San Pedro have been putting on  Spanish Cookery Workshops for the  ADAPT  association within the store. These have proved to be so popular that extra weeks have been added to the course.   This week Jose Manuel,  Maestro Jamonero from El Pozo, gave an interesting talk about Iberian pig farming and the quality of ham which depends on the diet of the pigs. He then gave a demonstration on how to slice the ham and the tools needed and asked for volunteers to be shown the correct way to cut a ham using the sharpest of knives and protective chainmail gloves.   Elena showed us how to prepare and cook Cordero while Damian, who runs the fish department of Eroski, poured our wine samples.   We all thoroughly enjoyed the demonstrations and also our tasters of Jamon, Cordero and wine.   The whole thing was filmed and some of our members were interviewed by Beatriz for an  Eroski  Company video which will be also used in training.  The fact that ADAPT Association is very keen to integrate with the local community was much appreciated.   ADAPT meet on the first Saturday of the month at Hogar de Pensionistas, San Pedro at 10:30am and welcome new members. see


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