Banana Bread

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Does anyone know of a good banana bread recipe for a bread maker?


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the simplest one i have is:

225g SR Flour, 1/4tsp Bicarb, 1/2tsp salt, 75gr butter,50gr caster sugar,1/2kg mashed bananas, 1 egg, dolop of apricot jam, add walnets or pecan nuts as well if you like.

sieve flour salt bicarb ingredients together,rub in butter, stir in sugar,bananas,egg,jam

remove blade from breadmaker - line the basket with baking parchement. put in mixture - BAKE ONLY for 45mins.

test with a skewer - give in more minutes if required.

Obviously every breadmaker is different, so unfortunately trial and error is part of the game.

I ahve a much more complicated one - but it requires a variable program of 3 1/2 hours on your breadmaker, most are 4 1/2.

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Thank you, will give it a try later today.

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