Christmas day dinner

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hi we are moving near to mazarron/campasol shortly, anyone know where we could book a good xmas day dinner?


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Google Costacalidamagazine. Simpleynetworking, there are many many places advertising Xmas lunch at a price.

Or you can order your fresh turkey from the English Butchers on Camposol and do your own thing for a fraction of the price.

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thanks for that got any recomendations

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We are going to Costas in Mazarron. Great menu including drinks and overnight stay 55Euros.

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hi have emailed u direct as not sure what costas is

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Costa Costa is a restaurant in Mazarron, not far from the Market ask any one where it is once in Mazarron. or google.....
also Bahia Hotel in Pto Maza rron are doing Xmas lunch. Don Ricardos in Pto Mazerron, there is not another I can reccommend....

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I understand that Stallones in Fuente Alamo are doing a Christmas dinner on the day for 24€. Their food is usually excellent and this seems good value, though personally I will do my own thing and will order a turkey, sausages and bacon from the local English butcher.

If you want Spanish version of Christmas lunch, then La Chara at Isla Plana are doing that for 30€

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hi have emailed u direct for more info

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