Christmas Dinner at Cañadas del Romero/Ciao Italia

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Went to boot fare and saw that they are advertising Christmas day dinner with catering being done by Karen from the Teapot in the Port. There will be live entertainment from 12.00pm with Juan Miguel and Barrington (they were great at the last do they did together). Dinner is being served at 3.00 p.m. and is the only sitting. Menu looks good. Welcome drink on arrival, bottle wine between two at dinner. Choice of 4 starters, choice of 4 main courses, served with traditional veg and all trimmings for choice of dish. 6 desserts, coffee or tea with mince pies everything home made and all for 49 euros...I didn't think this was bad and have already bought my tickets as there are only 80 available. You can get them from the Teapot in the port or Ron at the boot fare and i suppose from the bar at Canadas


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Just got the menu from the Tea Pot Cafe...think ill have the cream of caulifower soup with saute mushrooms for starters can´t make my mind up with the dessert all sound scrummy!

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I would love to go, especially as Barrington and Juan are there to entertain, but cannot afford it!

I dont live in England and dont pay English Prices, and I know lots are charging as much as 65.00 euros just for the lunch. which is crazy money,

at least Canadas are providing entertainment. but I still cannot afford it nor can I eat so much.

wish I could go to see and enjoy the entertainment without the food.....

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Hi Robbie, we`re in the same boat but bororred from our emergency money and are putting 10 euros back a week. We wont be buying xmas presents so thats our gift to ourselves, as we think its going to be a great day/evening

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Just found out you can pay 10 euro deposit and the rest by end of November, wish I`d known that earlier.

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We'll be staying at home cos for €100 i can choose the company, have a 6 course meal for my 6 friends and select the music - all in my shorts and flip-flops. Get real people !

€100 for a cake and muffin shop tall hat! Maybe for a renown chef - please. Talk about exploitation of a random date on the calender its disgusting.

This is exactly one of the reasons why we left the UK - if you want proof of the over commercialisation and exploitation of people by businesses do a for "christmas" and do a corresponding search on for "navidad" - the difference in returned websites is shocking - all commercialisation from uk and all "nice religious and activities" from the .es

Resist People - stay at home and have burgers - stick two fingers up to these shameful profiteers!

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