Da Fu Hau Chinese Restaurant

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Have you tried the Da Fu Hau Chinese Restaurant in the Pto Mazarron? They now do a Wok Buffet for 9.50 euros and the food is fabulous, nice presentation, and welcoming place to eat. I believe they do this 9.50 euros Buffet every evening... Try it.


fabtastic-465808 1254419800

Ha, I was there 3 hours ago but only for the menu del dia 5.95€ inc starter, main, desert & drink or I think 7.95€ to inc Duck or Prawns.

We always go there, lovely people NOTHING too much trouble.

Ive tried the buffet, think they are only doing evenings now its quieter, its good value.

WHY cant Indian restaurants do the same??

poss55 1257191879

best chinese food in the area , ive never had MSG on my food there yet. must be the cheapest menu del dia around and nothing seems to be any bother to them
they will cook anything for you to add on the set menu if you ask
first rate food with first rate service
my rating ***** ( 5-star )

Dorry-464429 1258897120

Try the new Indian, where Magnolia used to be, now called the Maharaja's Palace, on the left side of the road as you drive into the Port from the Mercadona end, just after Barclay's Bank.
They do a fixed price menu for 12.50€ in the evening and the food and service are excellent. I believe they also do a cheaper menu del dia but haven't tried that yet.

ianimp 1258958920

They do!! Try the Maharajah's Palace. They have two mnu del dias. One at 5.95 for two courses and another at 9.95 for three courses. Lovely food and great service.

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