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Slowly but surely I have noticed prices increasing around us to eat out, especially in the English restaurants. Its proving to be as expensive here as it was back in the UK. I know alot has to do with our pensions etc and the exchange rate but come on Brits give us a break. One euro for a tea bag and some hot water, really takes the biscuit. No literally, no biscuit with your brew for one euro!


janine48 1221911505

It is probably the Brits fault. When going for a menu del dia for instance, you should not tip!

Tipping is frowned appon by the Spanish, as menu del dia is so that the Spanish workers can afford to eat,

by tipping the prices go up.

Prime example of this is the La Charca in the outskirts of Totana menu del dia was 8-9euros, but different groups insisted on paying 10euros to include a tip and now they charge 12euros.

I no longer go there.

janemurf-462991 1221925373

I had no idea that tipping would put up the price in a restaurant? I have always tipped if I have received a good service thinking that the wages are so poor here that every little helps. Now I dont know what to do for the best?

jab-464008 1222039796

My Spanish friends have not tip!
Trust in the power of positive thinking!

red-463841 1222040502

The majority of people who live here either have a limited pension or earn their money in euro and cannot afford to tip. I have been told a number of times by my Spanish friends dont tip or prices will increase. If you can afford to tip you are not being charged enough

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