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Frozen chips & Frozen veg!


dannyboy-463701 1256848224

I don't quite see the point of this posting

monkeynuts-468898 1256898963

if your going for a meal you do like to have fresh veg at least. its cheap enough to buy in the market so no excuse really!

oasis-463772 1257979828

Its about time they woke up to the fact that every one is being more discerning, had a Sunday lunch there once and the lamb was like thin slices of cooked ham, and no taste. If I eat out I expect fresh food and not preformed meat nor do I like the instant mash that some restaurants serve up. Times are changing and there are too many restaurants to choose from so we can afford to be picky.

Dorry-464429 1258895942

In defence of Elliots, I have to say that I haven't had a bad meal there once! [Well not since it became Elliot's]. I trust them enough to have a Christmas meal in early December, with a group of around 14 others.
I suppose that it is a blow to have frozen veg, but when people are not going out dining, then it must be very difficult to keep stocking up on fresh veg only to have to throw it away, if the diners don't come. At least with frozen, the restaurant owners are able to keep the costs down. Nutritionally it is no worse for you to have frozen veg and at least you can say that it hasn't been lying around for over a week!
I am always suspicious of places that have few customers as then you have no idea how long ago they bought their 'fresh' produce. Alas in these days of the recession we and I suspect lots of other people are no longer dining out as often as they used to.

bintang12 1259295425

Very nice food and owners and a nice guy called scot serving, sunday lunch very cheap price and tasty and fresh at least mine has always been, a first class place to eat with very hard working people i wish them well.

billi161-467953 1259322336

we had a meal there last week and thought it was ok. so where else is recommended that uses fresh veg

fabtastic-465808 1259335820

Plonkers in Bolnuevo do Sunday carvery with fresh veg

billi161-467953 1259344125

thanks but plonkers has now closed for good

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