Fresh Herbs

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Does anyone know where I can buy fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano etc? I can't find any in my local Spanish supermarkets.


dicdandoo-463925 1257437903

The best thing for Rosemary is grow your own, doesn´t take much looking after, not sure about oregano though.

Jilly-464782 1257446817

Ok, will I get the seeds from any garden center?

dicdandoo-463925 1257514807

You can buy a rosemary tree ready to plant, I don´t know much about it but when I went to buy mine I was told to ask for the bush type. Hope this is of some help to you.

Jilly-464782 1257585749

Yes, great help. I'll write down the names of the plants and take it along with me.

Thanks for the advice.

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