How do you make proper champ?

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Do we have any Irish users here? I have some friends coming over from Ireland and would love to make them champ. I have trawled the internet for a recipe but each is so different. Can someone please help?


mac33 1256944429

Mashed potatoes, plenty of butter and scallions with a little bit of salt to flavour

...for those that don't know what scallions are... they are spring onions... use the stalks to give it the green bits although over here in Spain spring onions don't look quite like what I know from Ireland as they have huge bulbs the size of proper onions. The bulbs on scallions are the size of silverskin onions.

PatB-466675 1256986850

Some people make them with peas or chives but scallions are the best way to go for the flavour.

Jilly-464782 1257074216

Thanks both, I'll stick with the scallions then.

Geo.restin 1257105617

Sorry for being thick but what is champ? I've let a sheltered life.

bigDon 1257154805

It's a very old traditional Irish dish. This site explains it well

Geo.restin 1257175476

Thanks Big Don now I know and more knowledge goes into this old brain of mine

Don't know if it will stay there though.

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