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visited iceland yesterday for the first time and was surprised at how expensive it was. i can get coca cola cheaper, eggs and chicken[ not the reformed] much cheaper and the exchange rate on the prices is 1euro 40cents equaling 1 gbp. i asked about this terrible exchange rate and a busy lady worker told me to take it or leave it. there are some bargains and i spent my money wisely but i wont be going there again.


Whistling John Thomas-464683 1310228825

I just checked out their website and the reason for the new exchange rate is clearly explained.

As the lady said, take it or leave it- personally I will continue to shop there whenever it's convenient, but I always choose products very carefully and as you say there are still bargains to be had.

cosas-470940 1310239866

Just returned from Iceland 10 mins ago. Running a LWB van I can quite understand transport costs related to their exchange rate, l noted the diesel is 120.9 next door which is a bonus. I shop wisely and always manage to spend around 60€ got some good reduced bargains I will eat tonight and tomorrow. I will be going again, when its convenient.

billy the rook 1310265039

my friend is going there next week to fill her freezer. she knows price of a local leg of lamb and does not believe me that iceland want 22 euros for a frozen imported thing. i still complain about a can of coke costing 89cents when it's so much less in mercadona.

billy the rook 1310340445

i do agree about the petrol. it's worth going ther to fill up. i mean diesel....but all of my friends agree with me that it's too expensive on most things.

welshdolly 1310380952

I go there once a week from Cartagena, yes some things are more expensive but there is a Dia shop next door I usually pick up the basics that are cheaper in there first then go to Iceland and see whats on offer, whats reduced and any little luxuries I can find.

I understand they have to add a little on for the costs of getting it to this country, imagine if the item you wanted was posted !! how much it would cost. If something is too expensive and you mention it to the manager he looks into it, I did one day for a tub of kids ice cream and he lowered the price straight away.

For me I like to go there, and the Dia..I can get most of my shopping done in one morning :)

beckm 1310459489

Iceland sometimes has good deals on teabags, other than that I don't bother as the carbon footprint must be huge for bringing that food over, plus there is nothing else that i really miss from uk. Also a lot of the food iceland sell is just convenience food and i prefer to cook at home.

PatB-466675 1310559690

I go about once a month and only buy stuff on offer as most things can be bought cheaper elsewhere. It surprises me however that I often see the same faces filling a trolly with brand names, paying a massive bill at the checkout and they don't even bat an eyelid!!

billy the rook 1310764061

i can understand the argument about the cost of bringing the kerry katona boxes of frozen stuff from the uk to here, but a can of coke at 85cents when the same can is 50 cents in the supermarket.

if i had the time, i'd compare all the prices and i've no doubt of the outcome.

julie12 1310766194

all supermarkets are the same... loss leaders, special offers, bogof, and things priced excessively so that they can be discounted next month. While the coke may be 85 cents a can now, next month it will be buy one get one free or 42.5 cents per can.

julie12 1310766393

I have just checked and to prove my point coke is buy one get one free at Iceland which works out at just over 38 cents a can!!

billy the rook 1310810664

sorry if it's my mistake.and i didn't read the signs. i moaned about the price of coke to a lady worker but she didn't put me right.

now youve explained that, and i'm grateful, can you explain the 1gbp equals 1.40euros.

sparkiestchica-468137 1310825410

Hi they are talking about the items which are marked in sterling, eg, a pack of something could have a 'flash' on saying only £1.00.

However, Iceland are selling this item for €1.40, and not at the rate of exchange (at the moment €1.14) They say that this is due to-costs of getting goods from UK etc.

They explain it more fully on their website, and seriously it DOES make sense!!


kadiqui-463633 1311169104

I went once and was amazed to see people buying milk at 1.50 a litre and butter at almost half as much again when spanish butter is available in the supermarket next door! But my favourite story about Iceland was the group of 4 ex pat ladies who were excitedly buying frozen prawns because you cant get decent seafood in Spain, guess what, when I checked the box of prawns they had paid well over the odds for.....................produce of Spain printed on bottom,

I love living in Spain!! Now wheres my Daily Mail, pint of Watneys Red Barrel and my Walkers Crisps!!

billy the rook 1311193240

i actually forgot to mention the butter, milk and cheese. i wish i had the time to do a proper go compare with local supermarkets. the frozen leg of lamb at 22 euros made me smile.

bigger, better and fresh...14euros at frambi's

curly bill 1318271312

ridiculous...thats all i can say. can of coke...94cents...why. it's 52cents in eroski and only 1 euro in a bar in cartagena. the 1e40 translating to 1£ is not right. veg and milk are almost double and the bacon is cheaper in any local butcher.

i'm not going back...simple. rip off britain has moved here.

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